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Published on May 18th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Average Installation Cost of PV in Germany Now 1.776 Euro/Wp

May 18th, 2012 by  

One of our international readers shared the news with me yesterday on our Facebook page that the average installation cost of solar PV in Germany has now officially dropped to 1.776 Euro/Wp. Here’s a chart from Germany’s solar industry association (BSW Solar):

The BSW Solar survey which the data presented in this chart above comes from can be downloaded here.

And, of course, as just noted, the price of solar is greatly overestimated by most people today due to how fast solar prices have dropped.

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  • This is great news but it is worth to know that Germany is the MOST developed solar market on earth by a huge margin to the second.

    There is an extreme amount of proven solar small-scale installer companies there so due to the competition, the efficiency of these companies have gone through the roof (and consequently, their install prices have come down).

    Also, equipment prices (like inverters) go down because the market has grown huge, so the supply chain is now very effective and pushing prices down.

    Since the solar panels themselves are only 40-50% of the installed price, installation and equipment costs are very important.

    Other markets are not even comparable to Germany even in Europe, let alone the rest of the world.

    It will be 2-5 years while the installation experience and supply chain advancements trickle down to less-developed European countries like Hungary (my home).

    Panel prices are now sufficiently low here (~1.3USD/W) but trustworthy installers are hard to find and expensive.

    • definitely. just holding it up as an example of what happens when strong policies are implemented.

  • Bob_Wallace

    $2.26/watt installed in US money.

    We are so behind in this race….

    • Logistika Danas

      too much 🙁

      • Bob_Wallace

        That’s one year old data. Here’s the latest…

        May 2013€ 1,570

        $2.04/watt. Germany has been hung at about that price for around six months.

  • Installed in Australia at that cost, solar PV would produce electricity at about half the cost of what we currently pay for it. Obviously we’re going to get a large portion of our electricity from solar in the near future.

    • any wonder why the fossil fuel and utility companies are fighting solar so much?

  • Luke

    Assuming the line of best fit on that graph stays constant, it looks like we may be able to hit 1 Euro/Watt(p) by 2013-2014!

  • These numbers are the average for the first three months. Atsushi Murakami tweeted on May 11 that prices have dropped further since then to an average of 1460 euro per kW, giving this month’s “Photon” ( a German solar industry magazine) as a source:!/murakamiatsushi/status/200647427995348992

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