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Published on May 14th, 2012 | by Jake Richardson


Wind Power in Mexico Could Double in Three Years

May 14th, 2012 by  

Mexico’s wind energy is surging. In 2005, it had just three megawatts (MW), but by the end of this year that total will have increased to two gigawatts (2,000 MW). In three years, it will double. And, from that total of 4 GW, it will triple by 2020. The planned ramp-up will make Mexico the fastest growing wind power nation this year, of the top 20 economic national powers.

“With strong wind through the south, consistent sunlight in the north and a stable market, Mexico is well positioned for continued renewables growth,” says Brian Gardner, Energy Analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit.

For example, a $600-million, 306-MW project (204 turbines) is being finished that reportedly will power 700,000 Mexican homes.

La Ventosa is one of the hubs for wind power construction due to its consistent high winds. It is located in Oaxaca. Eighteen of Mexico’s twenty-seven wind power installations operate in this area.

Mexico is a fairly high producer of greenhouse gases, and is currently experiencing a very long drought. While some people don’t believe there is a link between extreme weather events, scientists have said otherwise. One reason for the wind power push is an acknowledgement by the government it needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

At the beginning of 2012, President Calderón agreed to cooperate with the US on stimulating the green economy, with the Mexico Global Climate Change Program. This five-year, $70-million program is for specific climate change actions, such as reducing emissions and conserving forests.

Mexico historically has struggled with severe air pollution problems in large cities, such as Mexico City, which has some of the worst particle pollution in North America.

 Source: Sustainablebusiness.com
Image Credit: Difer, Wiki Commons

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