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Published on April 4th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Chevy Volt Sales Way Up — March Its Strongest Sales Month to Date

April 4th, 2012 by  

chevy volt

After a short bit of trouble this Winter as numerous members of the GOP and conservative media attacked GM’s Chevy Volt, the Volt has bounced back with force. “The Volt had its strongest sales month to date in March, with sales of more than 2,000 vehicles. Sales nearly doubled from January to February and that trend continued into March,” GM wrote yesterday.

News that Chevy Volt drivers could use California’s HOV lanes, an attractive leasing option in California, a strong pro-Volt (nearly 100% Volt) policy a GE, and some myth-busting and very pro-Volt talk on FOX News all probably helped the Volt along in March. I’m curious to see what the coming months bring.

Last month was a great month for clean cars in general. As noted yesterday, the Prius hit an all-time US sales record in March, as did the Camry Hybrid. “More plug-ins in total were sold last month than in any month since December 2010, when the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt–the first two mass produced electric cars of the modern era–went on sale,” Green Car Reports notes.

February Volt sales were at 1,023, while March sales reached 2,289.

Nissan Leaf sales increased from 478 to 579 for the same time period, and its 2012 sales at the end of March were 1,733, more than three times the 2011 figure of 452.

What’s the bottom line? As gas prices increase and people see more and more stories about clean cars such as the Volt, Leaf, and Prius, sales are rising. That’s good news for the owners who will benefit from these cleaner and more efficient cars, for those of us who would rather not die of heart and lung cancer, and for those of us who like living in a world with a livable climate and want our descendants to have the same opportunity.

Image Credit: GM

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  • Jeanne

    Just a thought… if the Volt was sold as a Cadillac product, not a Chevy, would there be so much complaining about the price?

  • Jeanne

    I have been watching the Chevy Volt since it debuted, researched the heck out of it and am trying to convince my husband that it is worth the initial cost upfront to save on gas in the long run. My around town driving makes this car pretty much all electric for me, and if I need to go past that its great to know I have an efficient gas generator to take me wherever I need to go. I’m going to test drive one this week. I’m also hoping the 2013 version has some improvements. There will be a 2013 version of this car, right?

  • Angela

    I love my volt, have had it 3 weeks now. I am very happy with it. I get 40-42 miles per battery charge with average weather (40-50). In mixed driving mode(city and highway) I got 42 MPG on the generator. The ride is sporty and handles extremely well around corners. And when need be in sport mode I can pull out quickly in the great Massachusetts driving adventure that is out here. It is comfortable in the back seat for my passengers and that is an AN EXTREME bonus. It is roomy in the drivers seats which is a must since my hubby and I are on the large side. I love all the feedback it gives you so you can make the most of your battery and gas mileage. Oh and the touch screen mid console was a pleasant surprise. Even more so I can plug in a USB drive full of music and the radio console has no problems navigating it and reading it. I love that it is a hatchback I so missed the days when I drove hatchback. One thing is it does have avery low clearance so you have to be careful. And finally, the heating/ac system if you run it normally like you would initially, it will run your battery down more significantly. The heating/ac needs to be improved. But we expected issues with that, since they tend to be power hogs in gasoline vehicles. Most of all I am so happy to be supporting this car. Because electric engines are the future. It gives us the ability to use any type of energy source and convert to electrical. Yes there is some energy lost because you are going form mechanical to electrical back to mechanical. But that is worth i, so we can have a robust selection of different energy sources we can choose from to supply our electricity. Never again beholding to what the oil industry dictates and being reliant on one single finite fuel source. So so so happy!

  • Cyberhawk1

    hehe what idiotic lib logic, gas prices higher so the consumer is going to plunk down 45 grand on some stuipd tinker toy when they can buy a clean diesel for example for way less and get 42mpg, for me I’ll stick to my SRT8 high performance Corvette wrapped in a Jeep body anyday, the Volt is a dismal failure and u dopey libs can spin it all day long, but the volt is done and ur phoney black muslim marxist messiah is done as well, it’s Pres Romney in Jan and we’ll take it!

    • WOW. intelligent people, eh?

      love that you think the Volt is a failure. it had the highest owner rating in Consumer Reports last year and it’s near twin won European Car of the Year… and you’re commenting on a post about sales jumping! get a clue.. 😀

  • design creature

    We’ve had our Volt for just over a month, and we love everything about it. We have a 30 mile round-trip commute every day (my husband and I carpool) so we are able to have a gas-free commute now. We also have 100% “Windsource” electricity at our home, so, technically, we drive a wind-powered car.

    • That’s awesome. Would love to feature an owner review if you feel like offering one up! 😀

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  • Billsmith

    It’s good to read an up beat article. I am so tired of grumps.

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  • Love my 2012 Volt! Best car I’ve owned!

    • Wow, another one! Happy to have you write a guest post / owner review on it if you’d be up for that. 😀

  • My Volt has almost 15,000 miles and has averaged 120 MPG over those miles. The car has been completely problem free. I’m spending $330/year on electricity and saving $2000/year on gas. Since I was looking at buying a car in this price range anyway, these are immediate savings. Of course the car is quiet, has plenty of pep, and is very well appointed.

    • Nice. Will extend this offer to you too — any interest in writing a guest post / owner review? 😀

  • lukealization

    Electric vehicles and hybrids are one third of what is essentially a ‘3-step’ requirement to a green society, followed with renewable energy and energy efficiency. That is all that is needed, and up until this point, I truly thought that electric vehicles and hybrids would be what would hold us back.

    Spread the word. Electric is the future…

    • dcmeserve

      Electric vehicles are arguably part of the “efficiency” domain.. 🙂

      • RobS

        Its more than that, it’s not just more efficient use of energy but also a shift away from liquid fuels, electricity is a far more fungible commodity it can be produced in more ways than liquid fuels. By shifting to electric transportation you open it up to be powered by all the myriad ways you can generate electricity including everything from liquid fuels, bio liquids, solid fossil fuels and a plethora of renewable generators whilst at the same time causing a significant increase in the efficiency of energy use.

  • Don in CT

    Been driving my Volt since September. A remarkable vehicle in every way. Too bad it has become a political piñata. It’s a truly great American achievement. Don’t miss the chance to take a test drive. the car sells itself.

    • Awesome. If you ever feel like it, would love to feature an owner review from you! 😀

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