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Published on March 29th, 2012 | by Scott Raybin


Taking Control for a Brighter Future

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Every invention, discovery and product began as an idea. A bright thought illuminating one mind. When shared, the new idea inspires and empowers others, making work a little lighter and life a little better.

As we all look to the light at the end of the tunnel, the cultural shift toward simplicity, greater sustainability, and environmental responsibility is becoming more apparent. We must take control of our long-term budgets by investing in energy-saving practices, and realizing the trend toward modern advancements in energy efficiency.

You can read many blogs and articles across the Internet about lighting retrofits — replacing T12’s with T8’s or T5’s — but when you take a closer look and read case studies, it becomes obvious that many companies are realizing the greatest return on investment by choosing lighting upgrades as a way to increase profitability.

Industry experts say demand is increasing for simple lighting upgrade options, both in interest and in actual projects, and the trend will only continue to grow. The combination of rebates, tax credits, and energy savings dramatically shorten the return-on-investment time, making installation of  T8 or T5 lighting
a very affordable and common-sense option.

In addition to installing fixtures, the continued growth of lighting management systems only enhances savings. Installation of lighting controls creates the maximum performance of your facilities fluorescent lighting and the demand for such systems is high.

Craig DiLouie, education director for the Lighting Controls Association, said that perhaps the greatest driver is energy management. The New Buildings Institute reports that advanced lighting controls in combination with energy-efficient lighting applications can generate up to 50 percent energy savings in existing buildings. For example,  a simple automatic shutoff is one of the most simple, if not the most significant and low-risk, strategies to generate energy savings. Using the newest technology found in the T5 fluorescent bulb coupled with a management system is the best solution to accelerate energy and cost savings.

Fortunately, all commercial building types can benefit from lighting upgrades. Selecting the right lighting retrofit product is important, especially when you only want to spend money on the product and installation costs once. Consider these options as a way to significantly increase profitability by simply decreasing operational costs. You’re in complete control and no longer a “victim” of ridiculous utility costs and sky-high energy bills.

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