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Electric Luxury SUV that Accelerates to 60 MPH in 4.4 Seconds. Meet the Model X.

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Tesla Motors introduced the Model X electric SUV in February (to many eagerly waiting customers), and it’s clear now that the Model X offers some unusual options. How about the option to buy two motors (one in the front, and one in the back) instead of just one, so you can easily get out of slippery situations?

Tesla Model X

This SUV seats seven and is built on the same platform as the Model S, which is a luxury car that also seats seven people, and is actually slower than the Model X. Electric vehicle technology keeps evolving!

A distinctive aesthetic feature of this vehicle is its gull-wing doors, and, of course, the fact that it is a fast electric SUV.

Tesla, an all-electric vehicle company, first introduced its Roadster sports car (which accelerated from zero to sixty miles per hour in only 3.9 seconds), and it successfully changed many peoples’ perception of electric cars in the process, especially the impression that they are underpowered.

Rear of Tesla Model X with door open

There are a plethora of different types of lithium-ion battery technologies that electric vehicles can use to achieve great performance, but they are currently rather expensive. Tesla Motors has skirted using ultra expensive technology, while offering a highly desired set of vehicles through its great innovation. The Tesla X tops out at $100,000 and the cheapest version of the vehicle is supposed to be $60,000, less than many super cars.

Do you think the secret behind this vehicle’s performance is newer battery technology? Or just very aggressive overall improvement?

Tesla Motors’ EV competition from major automakers has been growing, as they introduce their own electric cars. Tesla used to be one of very few electric car manufacturers. Now, Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and other manufacturers are getting into the game. Do you think Tesla can keep going strong and survive this?

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Photo Credits: Tesla Motors

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  • HeroesAh Yes! and the American
    Dream lifestyle complete with McMansions and SUV’s, two of them in
    every driveway, will continue throughout the millennium as the very
    height of civilized mankind and no further progress than the
    electrification of this reality away from fossil fuels and into LFTR
    reactors fed with Thorium for safety’s sake will be needed. God will
    soon provide all the rain our fields and reservoirs require, and we
    will prosper, fully drug addicted, drunken, and moral free, in his
    Gardens, forever. We the “Chosen Ones” will war and murder
    down through the ages for the wealth of others, the Lord will provide
    us, and we will become Giants in the land. It is our birthright, and
    will be so by the power vested to us by the threat of a nuclear
    holocaust on others before they can hurt us, in pre-emptive fashion.
    We have even peeped behind the Moon, and saw no God! Searched Mars
    for his footprints and saw none! We have even peeped into the
    particles and saw no God! We have even peeped into the DNA of life,
    and created our own! We have become the Gods! We are the Gods! Fear
    us! Obey us! or Nagasaki’s fate will be yours! Hiroshima’s Hell
    will fall on your heads! This is the first book of the new Bible.

  • Muchos Huevos

    To 60 MPS should be scrapped off the the books and old timer minds, that sh.. belongs to the times when gas was 25-30 cents a gallon, TODAY I do not care if it takea 30 minutes to get to 60, we need electric cars that would at least run at 50% what the REAL Dr Tesla Pierce Arrow might have done.

    A NORMAL size car, gettimg power FROM THE AIR, so to speak.
    Let’s see how long it’s going to take for somebody to come up with his thechnique to replicate his feat.

    • Dondepalma

      The product must meet customer expectations. We like to move foreward, get better at things. Make things better.
      You have got to be realistic in your attitude.
      Keep in mind that if everyone starts plugging in we will need more power, that means burning more natural gas, more coal, and or more nuclear plants. That means a proper grid.
      That being said, Obama promised that “under my plan elictricity rates will neccesaraly sky rocket”
      It really is a shift from one fossel fuel to another, that Obama want’s to raise the cost of.
      Gas powered car or electric, either way you WILL be burning fossel fuel, gasoline, coal, or natural gas.
      Do you have any idea how much oil and other fossel fuels are used to produce the batteries?
      Do you know what is in the batteries?
      Do you realize how much oil is used for the plastics NEEDED to make these “green” electric cars?
      Do you know waht we are going to do with these bateries when they wear out?
      Just some things to think about.

      • & some answers/responses to think about:

        i’m all for bikes and mass transit over cars of any type, but i know a lot of folks aren’t, and it’s clear electric is the way to go.

      • Patysteward

        I’m sure that like the past when we invented electricity, cars….the Industrial Revolution…and the like…it is all a process…with continued learing….but, we know so much more how we effect our environment….and are trying to work in a positive way to meet what we want our future needs to be and the best way possible to do so…….just some things to think about, too!

        • Patysteward

          Learning…………  : )

      • Bob_Wallace

        Oh, for pete’s sake.  Are you posting from 1970?  Sleep through the years when all these questions were asked and answered?

        Quick catch-up for you…

        We have plenty of off-peak generation to charge over 200 million electric cars.  Even to the extent we power EVs with fossil fuel electricity we will use less fossil fuels due to systems efficiency.

        Your Obama stuff is junk.  Tell Karl you failed on that one.

        We are in the transition away from fossil fuels.  We’ll bring renewables on line faster than EVs appear.

        We know what is in the batteries.  Different stuff, depending on the individual battery chemistry.

        We NEED about the same amount of plastics for EVs as for gasmobiles.

        When EV batteries fall to about 80% capacity and it’s time to swap them out they are almost certainly going to utilities for grid storage.  Those programs are being set up.

        When battery capacity falls below the point of usability for utilities they will be recycled.  Recycling is already in place.

        (Is that you, Peterson?)

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