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EU Clean Energy Sector Passes 1 Million Jobs

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clean energy jobs eu

Clean energy jobs in the EU have now passed the 1 million milestone. According to a new report [PDF] out by the European Commission, The State of Renewable Energies in Europe, 1.14 million people were working in the clean (or green) energy sector in 2010, after a 25% increase in jobs in that sector that year (compared to 2009).

Yes, I know, such landmarks are much less exciting when they are reported 1-2 years after the fact, but these are the latest figures on this massive industry, adn were just released today.

In addition to the big jobs increase in 2010, clean energy revenue increased 15% that year, reaching €127 billion ($167 billion).

Of course, clean energy grew tremendously in the EU in 2011 again, so the number of jobs in the field are sure to be much more than 1.14 million, and I’m sure revenue is far more than €127 billion.

Where Were the Clean Energy Jobs?

The solid biomass power sector was the largest employer in Europe in 2010, providing 273,000 jobs. Next was solar photovoltaic (PV), providing 268,110 jobs. Third was wind power, with 253,145 jobs.

According to country, the top green jobs providers were:

  1. Germany—361,360 jobs (especially in the solar PV sector, but also in the wind and solid biomass sectors)
  2. France—174,735 jobs (largely in the solid biomass and solar PV sectors)
  3. Italy—108,150 jobs (mostly in solar PV and wind)
  4. Spain—98,300 (mostly in wind, biofuels, and solar PV)
  5. Sweden—54,780 (mostly in solid biomass)

A news release on the report is available from EurObserv’ER, or you can download the full report. The report is in several different languages and is quite extensive—it includes a lot of information on several green energy sectors, and also includes case studies of several regions at the end.

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  • Guest

    2010, right? From the news reports I’ve heard, including today’s Detroit Free Press article on ECD going out of business (2/15/12), even the Liberal media is citing the European loss of green jobs.

    • Businesses close down in every industry. Green jobs are not shrinking. They’d only been growing. Don’t be so eager to reveal your pessimism 😀

  • Ross

    Solid biomass isn’t very sexy but it seems to be performing to target.

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