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Chevy Volt: The Facts

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Oh, the many, many lies FOX News and political friends parrot. Here’s a take-down of some popular Chevy Volt lies (regarding fire and safety), by someone who knows (one of the Volt’s chief architects, Bob Lutz), via Gas2 (with a nice intro and addendum by Chris):

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  • Ed

    2004 ? I am impressed with your memory. I can cite many instances that the main street media has lied about a number of things. So, because of something you saw back in 2004 has made you denounce ever watching Fox News. Let me clue you in. You would never watch any TV news show if that is your criteria. My suggestion to you is to watch them all so you do not tied to any media persuasion. And, be positive about the things you would like to see happen and give it your best argument. Tearing down anyone or an TV station will only reduce your credibility and you will end up with a smaller audience to hear your story.

    • dcmeserve

      > You would never watch any TV news show if that is your criteria.

      Yup. They’re not worth my time.

      They’re all heavily influenced by corporate interests. Even when they do not directly lie, they omit crucial facts. When these are facts that I know, it is very frustrating to see. So how can I trust anything they say in a subject area I don’t already know about?

    • Ed, I’m sorry if you like Fox. But the fact of the matter is it lies and misrepresents the facts probably every day. Take a look down this list of posts for some examples — you could spend all day doing so:

      • BOB Dudek

        You quote media liars..what a Morone.

  • Edward Kerr

    Great post Zach:

    How anyone (you included Ed) can use the words Fox and News in the same sentence is truly amazing. The weak political drivel that emanates from the mouths of their reporters defies description. They are, in short, IDIOTS. What we get from Fox is propaganda and Faux Propaganda at that.

    But that’s not why I’m commenting on this issue. Electric cars have several drawback (depending on how one wishes to use them) but fire safety isn’t one of them. They also have a lot of potential positives.

    For someone who needs only to matriculate to and from work, school or local errands, they are great. For distance driving they are all but unacceptable. Their is also the issue of where the electricity that is used to recharge the batteries comes from, but that leads us into the “rabbit hole” of fossil fuels.

    The other long term problem is the issue of the batteries themselves. Lithium batteries, like all rechargeable batteries, have a limited life span and in this case disposing of and even the manufacture of, are not “green” activities.

    Having said all that if, one had solar panels to charge a car and needed only to do the type of driving that most of us do on any given day, then they become a part of the “solution”. Oh, and did I say, they get the equivalent of over 100 mpg…

    So, lets not get our nickers in a jumble over one reported fire. We have a serious problem to solve and being offended that anyone has the unmitigated gall to criticize Fox is to be distracted from the real issue, but that’s what the owner’s of Fox are trying to do…confuse you.

    Do some reading instead…


  • Ed

    Please tell me exactly who on Fox news lied and when When you make that statement, you should back it up with facts. Now, you have no credibility with me.

    • dcmeserve

      “Please tell me exactly who on Fox news lied and when…”

      I’ve got one, though it’s old. And I don’t remember the reporter’s name, but I believe he was one of the main ones at the time.

      This was in the 2004 presidential campaign. I was flipping channels between CNN and Fox, and on CNN they showed a full video quote of Kerry saying something about throwing some medal of his over a fence or some such, as part of a protest of the Vietnam war. Basically, he explained some detail that people had raised questions about, something about whether he actually threw the medal or hung them on the fence (I don’t remember the details too well). But basically, his explanation made sense.

      Then I switched to Fox, and they showed the same video of Kerry speaking — but stopped it early. Then the Fox reporter resumed talking, saying “I don’t know why [something something]”, when the *rest* of the video explained very clearly what he claimed to not know. I wish I remember what it was exactly, but suffice to say not having that answer made Kerry look bad. There’s no way the Fox reporter didn’t see the full clip, and so his claim not to know what Kerry directly said in the video that they conveniently clipped short constitutes a LIE. I caught Fox red-handed in a lie.

      I have never watched that channel since. Of course, nowadays, I don’t trust any of the “mainstream” broadcast TV news channels anymore. They all mostly let right-wingers come on and lie like crazy, and don’t challenge them with any actual facts or even perspective. Fox of course is much worse, in that all of their on-air personalities are active participants in the propaganda. But none of it is worth watching.

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