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Chevy EN-V Concept Launched

October 13th, 2011 by  

Whoa, this little guy looks sweet!

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  • Anonymous

    I can see them as neighborhood driver-less taxis. It seems that self-navigation is pretty well developed. A fleet of these little guys could park themselves around town and redistribute themselves as needed. They could charge while parked and pick you up with a phone call.

    We may be a few years away from self-driving vehicles but they’re coming and I suspect they’ll be tried out first in slower speed units something like this.

  • Tom Garven

    I still like the MIT City Car better. Go here to see a picture.

    While it might not be quite as tricked out as the futuristic networked Chevy is, it seems to be a more serious attempt at creating a more functional and efficient transportation vehicle. You could either own/rent/lease it which I believe would make it a potentially bigger seller. I also question the readiness of people to buy a vehicle based on the balancing act of a two wheeled Segway. I could accept the 3 wheeled Aptera but 4 wheels sounds better.

    What I would like to have is a two passenger electric vehicle with enough space for 4-6 bags of groceries or enough space for a few gallons of paint from the local hardware store. Something more than a golf cart but something less than my 5 passenger vehicle. Its range should be about 25-30 miles per charge. That type of electric vehicle would meet about 95% of my driving needs. I don’t need the MIT City Car to fold up or have 4 wheel steering. Where I live parking is no big deal. In New York City or Downtown L.A. maybe – but then again that really limits it’s sales potential/volume doesn’t it.

    I just don’t see this vehicle [a big Segway] as having much potential but it is a cool looking concept.

    • Anonymous

      The MIT City is a very interesting small car. I’m not sure the collapsing part is that useful, it already has a small footprint. But the rest, I like.

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