Clean Power solar panels & kids in China

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China to Double Solar Power Capacity by End of 2011 (+ Top Solar Power Stories)

August 16th, 2011 by  

solar panels & kids in China

Nicholas just wrote about China’s solar power dreams and it’s new feed-in tariff for solar yesterday. And I wrote in June about the country doubling its 2025 solar power goals (aiming for 10 gigawatts by that time). But we’ve got some more big solar news out of clean-energy-crazy China worth a share. China expects to double its solar power capacity by the end of the year and will reach 2 gigawatts of solar power capacity, according to a new report from a think tank linked to the government, the Energy Research Institute.

“The report also said China was expected to produce 90,000 tonnes of polysilicon this year, representing 80 percent of its domestic demand,” Reuters reports.

China’s 900 megawatts of solar power capacity at the end of 2010 may sound like a lot to many, but it will be a tiny figure soon for China. Kudos to the clean energy leader.

Here’s some more top solar news (other than our several stories) of the last week or so:

  1. Solar market jobs growing in abundance
  2. A Solar Panel on Every Roof? In U.S., Still a Distant Dream
  3. Sungevity socks away cash for solar leasing
  4. Green Mountain Energy program to provide nonprofits with solar energy
  5. Falling solar costs: Good for buyers, bad for makers
  6. Solar Roadways to build solar-powered parking lot
  7. A hybrid solar panel to make hydrogen
  8. TEPCO announces commencement of 7-megwatt Ukishima Solar Power Plant on Tokyo Bay
  9. SunPower cuts 2011 profit forecast, addresses costs
  10. South Pole base turns to the sun for power
  11. SunPower, First Solar plants win environment deals

More solar power stories we missed? Drop us a link in the comments below!

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  • Anonymous

    China’s capacity by 2020? My guess is at least 300 GW.

  • We are rapidly being left in the dust, with a puzzled look on our face as the Chinese just as rapidly corner the future.

    Perhaps in the theocracy of our future, we’ll be able to simply pray for light, heat, food and other needs…but I doubt it.

    • David Alexander

      You got it exactly right, Bob… unfortunately.

      • Thanks David, It is unfortunate and worse. Yet we continue to prop up the corrupt and ultimately deadly, oil, coal and gas industries with mountains of public money while ignoring the obvious track that most of the developed word is embarking on.

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