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Published on July 19th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


Cleantech (& Dirty Tech) Policy & Politics News {Weekly Round-Up}

July 19th, 2011 by  

climate change map

Some of the top (or totally depressing) cleantech and dirty tech political news and commentary of the week….

  1. Most Anti-Environment House of Representatives in History Tries to Do More Damage
  2. Clean-Energy Law Boosts Jobs In Ontario
  3. Senate releases transportation bill outline
  4. Polluting Democracy
  5. Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor Part Of ‘Dirty Money Team’
  6. GOP Rep Seeks to Stop Kids from Learning about Energy Efficiency
  7. Students Get Lobby Group Material From Chris de Freitas in Climate 101 Lectures
  8. President Of Nauru Calls On Security Council To Respond To Climate Change
  9. Dirty Money For Dirty Water: Groups Supporting Bill to Gut Clean Water Act Outspend Opposition 23 To 1
  10. Climate-Denying Oklahoma Governor Tells Residents To Pray For Rain
  11. News Corp and the Hacked Climategate Emails: Time for an Independent Investigation
  12. Government Official’s Associates Reportedly Got Big Contracts After BP Oil Spill
  13. House Votes To Restore $90 Million Of $2.3 Billion Cut From Green Energy Research
  14. What if the CO2 Ceiling Debate Were Like the Debt Ceiling Debate
  15. Map: Countries’ actions and commitments on climate change
  16. An Assault on the Clean Water Act
  17. Time for Congress to End Big Oil Subsidies
  18. Saving Clean Energy in New Jersey: Thank You, State Legislators!
  19. Rail-Wary FL Gov. Scott Threw Caution to the Wind in Supporting SunRail
  20. GAO Report Confirms That Politics, Not Science, Drove Bush EPA Decision Not To Regulate Rocket Fuel in Drinking Water
  21. Tom Donahue And The U.S. Chamber Of Secrets
  22. Does Lord Voldemort Run the US Chamber of Commerce?
  23. The Loan Arranger: Time to Rescue Clean Energy Funding
  24. Bachmann’s Pledge To Eliminate The EPA Is Fueled By Koch
  25. Fossil Billionaire Brawl: Charles Koch Vs. T. Boone Pickens
  26. GOP Wants To Slash EPA Funding To 1990s Levels, Slash Funds For Oil Spill Prevention
  27. Fred Upton Pushes Vote to Kill His Own Light Bulb Efficiency Standards
  28. How Many Republicans Does It Take to Screw Up Our Light Bulb Savings?
  29. Appropriations Bill Represents Unprecedented Attack on Environment
  30. GOP’s Accomplishments This Year: Styrofoam Cups, Little Else
  31. The Exquisite Irony of the House GOP Transpo Bill Cover
  32. Bi-Partisan Political Veterans Team Up to Design a New Gas Tax System
  33. What the US Can Learn from Australia Going All-In on Carbon Tax

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