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Published on June 8th, 2011 | by Important Media Cross-Post


Solar Leasing Programs Growing

June 8th, 2011 by  

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  • Ray Boggs

    A solar lease is one of the absolute worst ways to finance the rental of a solar system. First of all you have to forfeit the 30% federal tax credit which is worth about $10,000.00 on a typical 6 kW system. You’ll also have to forfeit any cash rebate. The leasing companies will tell you that they will apply the tax credit and cash rebate to the system price so that you’ll lower the acquisition cost but the leasing company’s pricing is so over inflated that the tax credit and rebate as large as they are will hardly make a dent in their price. Instead of an expensive solar lease or PPA, consumers are now getting $0 down solar loans that require no equity, that offer tax deductible interest and allows you to keep the 30% federal tax credit and any other incentives and own your solar system for a much greater return on investment than any lease or PPA. And good luck ever selling your home with a lease attached to it. What homebuyer will want to assume your lease payments on a used system, when they can buy and own a new state of the art system for less than $3.15 a watt, installed, before incentives? Search the Internet and you’ll find many articles concerning homeowners who are having difficulty selling because they have solar leases attached to their homes.

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  • Before installing a solar PV system on my house I investigated the leasing option and decided there were too many potential problems for a residence:

    1- I would have first had to spend $10K on a new roof because mine was about 20 years old. It makes no sense to install a system on an old roof that will have to be replaced in a few years.

    2- The homeowner misses out on all of the solar tax credits from Fed, State & Local govmnts. The company installing the system would collect those.

    3- The homeowner misses out on any SREC sales. I live in Maryland and SREC’s sell for about $200+. Again, the company installing the system would collect those instead.

    4- If you sell your house, you have to convince the new owner to take over your solar lease. If you can’t find someone to do that, it could be a potential issue in selling it.

    5- After the cost of your solar lease, you save very little on your electric bill. I went through the quote process with a company that computed they could save me all of $28 and that was after I spent $10k on a new roof.

    Eventually I went with the purchase option in order to capitalize on the tax credits.

    • Purchasing is definitely the better option if you can put the money down on it.

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  • elmovtitorio

    vorrei se possibile propagandare il vs sistema leasing in europa

  • Hiacynth

    I am interested in installing solar panels in my house. I live in East Hampton, NY. Can you let me know if there is a leasing program out here yet? Some time ago I read that Lowe’s department store in Riverhead.

  • Ramahbear

    So after navigating to all the sites listed in the article, it looks like no one is interested in leasing solar equipment in the state of New Mexico? Really? The market is as wide open as the skies! The rural nature of most of the state necessitates solar power! There are more sunny days in New Mexico than the states where solar panels are currently leased! The state flag is the Zia SUN symbol–how much more of an invitation does anyone need? The governor is business and alternative energy friendly, so hop to it people! New Mexico is the state where a solar company can make a big name for itself quickly!

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  • JetMag

    Philippines have the highest electricity rates in Asia & probably in the world…This is what we need…We need help!

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