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Published on April 24th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


American Wind Energy Association CEO Denise Bode Takes on FOX News (on FOX News), Body Slams Them {VIDEO}

April 24th, 2011 by  

This is an awesome video that a loyal reader just shared with me — clearly not what FOX News wanted it to become.

Of course, the playing field is not even. They start the segment with a bunch of typical anti-wind statements and as soon as AWEA’s CEO, Denise Bode, starts to reply to them (or answer questions throughout the interview), the hosts bully her and speak above her to make her stop.

The host continues to try to do so throughout. However, eventually Denise takes over and slams them on the issue of subsidies and wind’s cost-competitiveness.

One criticism is that Denise uses a little too much technical language at the beginning.

But continually repeating the fact that fossil fuels and nuclear have gotten totally unbalanced subsidies is a great feature of Denise’s response (though, could have been a little more). Her repetition on wind energy’s cost-competitiveness is also great.

Why do I have the feeling they won’t bring her back or if they do, they’ll let her speak even less.

Unfortunately, they’ll continue to spout the one-sided propaganda and this is, of course, one key reason why China is kicking our a** in the clean energy race. As our reader wrote, when sharing this with me, “If you give it a listen I think you’ll understand why so many people in the US don’t ‘get it’.  If one uses Fox as their information source, they’re screwed….”

h/t New Energy News

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  • Paul

    One of the ironic things is that Rupert Murdoch (founder of Fox News in case anyone isn’t aware) actually believes in climate change and the damage it will do. He apparently doesn’t think renewable energy is going to help … (excuse the link , another right-wing rag)

  • WHY do they hate FREE, NON-POLLUTING energy????

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  • yeah, nice additional points. i imagine it’s easy to reflect on what you could have said after surviving the assault, but yeah, would have been nice if she had added that! 😀

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  • Zapgooch

    Clip the video more I hate Fox News.

  • Dirk

    She did really well. Fox obviously supports the fossil fuel industry above any form of clean energy. It was 3 against 1. They tried to attack wind power and she fought them off quite effectively. But, did the average fox viewer come away with a more fair and balanced opinion of the energy industry? I doubt it.

  • Steve

    Also, the segment was just full of wrong facts. I’m a CSP guy and when he mentioned the $1 Billion loan for a CSP plant which only provides power for 10,000 homes, I called BS. I looked it up, its planned for 100,000 homes, which is more realistic. So, overinflation of number much to falsly make a point?

    Gotta love it when people in the spotlight just have the wrong information and are so proud to make their claims which falsly inform the public.

    And yes, the host wouldn’t even acknowledge the subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear. It would be very interesting to know the total value of subsidies paid to the oil/gas/nuclear power plants (over the years) and compared it to the number of MWh of electricity produced. I wonder how it might compared to that of solar or wind.

    • yeah, i thought the solar part was bull too, but just completely ridiculous that they are throwing a solar question at a wind expert! (clueless?)

      & good point on the lack of response regarding fossil fuel subsidies (silence)

  • Anonymous

    You’ll notice that Fox pulls that crappy car salesman routine…

    Once Bode starts handing the Fox guy his ass, Fox runs in a fresh ‘reporter’ so they can gang up on her.

    Going on Fox has to be a difficult decision for anyone who is not part of the right-wing pact. Do you avoid and get none of your message out? Or do you subject yourself to their rude behavior in hopes of planting just a little reality into the alternate universe that is Murdoch disinformation?

    • agreed — good to see Bode was & is willing to go on. but it ain’t no small challenge.

      think she should play her Republican card stronger next time, though (if they have her on again).

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