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Published on February 26th, 2011 | by Susan Kraemer


Another Big Win for Koch Tea Party Funding – New Hampshire Abandons its RGGI Polluter Controls

February 26th, 2011 by  

New Hampshire’s newly elected veto-proof Republican majority is swiftly consolidating the pro-pollution agenda provided by oil billionaires Charles and David Koch, the heads of Koch Industries.

The New Hampshire House passed HB 519 by 246-104 on Wednesday, repealing its membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), after a successful robocall campaign fronted by Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity, one of the national Tea Party groups created by the oil billionaires.

The legislation under attack funds clean energy. The Koch brothers have an income of $20 billion from dirty energy.

New Hampshire was one of the founding members of RGGI, a carbon market between 10 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and the first mandatory emissions trading plan in the country. RGGI requires power plants in participating states to cap CO2 emissions at 188 million short tons per year through 2014, with additional annual reductions of 2.5 percent from 2015 to 2018.

RGGI helps states move from dangerous and dirty energy by funding the switch needed for clean energy.

Through its cap on polluters, New Hampshire earned $28 million from the auctions in 2009, that it was able to use in energy savings and clean energy funding that will cut the greenhouse gases that cause dangerous climate destabilization, and generate over $60 million in savings in the state over the next twenty years.

The RGGI cap and trade funds pay for retrofitting buildings, insulating low income homes, giving businesses help in reducing energy costs and providing rebates that make solar roofs affordable, among other initiatives.

But the last election has ended New Hampshire’s RGGI participation.

In the New Hampshire House, 297 of 400 seats went to the GOP, along with 19 of the 24 Senate seats, creating a majority that has not happened since 1962. With unprecedented funding from the Koch brothers, following the Supreme court decision to allow bribery, polluter-friendly “Tea Party” Republicans have been installed in state legislatures around the country, who signed pollution-friendly “climate pledges” in return for the billionaires’ funding.

Because of the size of the polluter-funded majority, the New Hampshire Senate is sure to pass Wednesday’s House bill repealing New Hampshire’s membership in RGGI, and will be able to pass the repeal overcoming a veto from Governor John Lynch, who is a Democrat.

The Koch brothers power grab in Wisconsin – and the Koch-installed pollution queen in New Mexico – are just the beginning for the billionaire Koch brothers.


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writes at CleanTechnica, CSP-Today and Renewable Energy World.  She has also been published at Wind Energy Update, Solar Plaza, Earthtechling PV-Insider , and GreenProphet, Ecoseed, NRDC OnEarth, MatterNetwork, Celsius, EnergyNow, and Scientific American. As a former serial entrepreneur in product design, Susan brings an innovator's perspective on inventing a carbon-constrained civilization: If necessity is the mother of invention, solving climate change is the mother of all necessities! As a lover of history and sci-fi, she enjoys chronicling the strange future we are creating in these interesting times.    Follow Susan on Twitter @dotcommodity.

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  • mds

    Good job Susan! Keep exposing those corporate dirt-bags. Remember the oxygen breaks they had for children behind the iron curtain? No thanks! Even China is subsidizing clean energy now.

    Solar will keep getting cheaper and coal will keep getting more expensive. Just look at current pricing trends. Solar will be cheaper than coal before 2030 regardless of the Koch brothers. …but we may be buying are solar panels from Germany, Japan, or China by then thanks to these greedy selfish tycoons.

    Tea Party dudes need to figure out they’re being had. Distributed solar means democratic independence. Continued dependence on coal and oil mean continued rule by large corporations, a plutocracy in disguise. Wake up teabag-heads!

  • Jill

    Mr. Burton Yes the author does sound arrogant but its probably hard not to be angry.

    Why do you call her ignorant? I have heard these things about the Koch brothers for years and everything I was able to look up is true. It is so amazing what you can get away with when you have the money, I find that inolerable

  • Joe Yochum

    I need an UNlike button.
    The author has obviously been drinking the koolaid.

  • Joe Yochum

    Leave a Reply

  • Holly (Dear John),

    Please Boycott Koch products…list on web under boycott Koch brothers….I am an American and this American wants a boycott of Koch brothers industries, NOW!

    • tgp

      yeah, buy the stuff made in china.

      • Actually, a lot of states in RGGI require made in US – funding comes with requirements to hire local and use locally manufactured products (where possible) and is responsible for what development there is of US green start ups like ones that make the inverters and racking systems for solar. In Ontario, Canada, the growth of local businesses supplying clean energy has been exponential, because their feed in tariff (means utility must buy renewable energy production) requires local manufacture.

  • John Burton

    Regarding the author, ignorance by itself is offensive, but when accompanied by arrogance it is intolerable!

    • Dear John

      John, Don’t breathe the air up there in New Hampshire. The Koch brothers have moved in! Ya know, I don’t tread, I stomp! Oh, and stop drinking the Koch, man!

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