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Published on February 23rd, 2011 | by Tina Casey


New U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce Gives the Old One a Run for the Money

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us green chamber of commerce to promote sustainable businessWhen a major U.S. company figures out a way to make cash out of sewage, you know that green businesses have come into their own. The problem is, until now green entrepreneurs haven’t had their own national business organization to lobby for their interests in Congress. Well, problem solved: a local organization called the Green Chamber of San Diego County has just relaunched itself as the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, a national organization dedicated to building strategic entrepreneurial alliances to foster innovation, job creation, and energy efficiency.

Lobbying for Green Jobs

The new Green Chamber might not find a very receptive audience in Congress these days (at least, not on one side of the aisle), but it’s a safe bet that the Obama administration will be all ears. A good deal of the Recovery Act has been geared toward creating green jobs, and the Administration has been fostering a number of other strategies that help grow green businesses, from reclaiming polluted land for clean energy, to a manure-to-biogas program for livestock operations.

Public Subsidies for Private Business

Public programs that support private businesses are nothing new. After all, the public has been giving hefty subsidies to the fossil fuel industry for generations – though in a case of biting the hand that feeds you, the fossil fuel industry has not been very kind to the public. Just in recent memory there’s the Tennessee coal ash spill, the Massey coal mine disaster and mountaintop coal mining, the Gulf oil spill, natural gas explosions and pollution from fracking, and ongoing public health impacts. If it practically seems like America is at war with its own fossil fuels then I guess it wouldn’t be stretching a point to include an actual war in that list (according to former President Bush, that is).

Two U.S. Chambers are Better than One

It’s fair to ask why green businesses need their own chamber of commerce. After all, one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in Washington is the  U.S. Chamber of Commerce, so you’d think that would pretty much serve their interests. However, lately that particular chamber has been focusing a lot of time and energy on throwing obstacles in the path of the emerging green economy, to the extent that a growing number of major U.S. companies – Nike, Microsoft and Apple, to name just a few – have either formally distanced themselves from the Chamber’s policies on climate change or have quite their membership outright.

A Run on Green Jobs

The Chamber is also losing support from its own local chapters due to its stance on climate change and health care reform, too, but I digress. The bottom line is, green businesses are proving they can put people to work at jobs that not only pay the rent but also help to help foster a safer,  healthier, and more enjoyable environment. Beats me why anybody wouldn’t want to lobby for that. Um…yeah, why not?

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  • Great article. Here is something else you may want to know: The Green Chamber of Commerce ( was created over three years ago, to strengthen a growing business movement that supports sustainable business practices, promote the success of its members, and advocates for green public policy. We have a very clear mission and are strong advocates for green businesses. Each business qualifies as green through the Bay Area Green Business program administrated by each county, or takes the B Corp survey to qualify to be a member; approved through Green America, or make a commitment to going green within the first six months of joining.
    We are not associated with the US Chamber of Commerce as we are opposed to their stance on many environmental issues. Our goal is to be the alternative to the US Chamber for businesses looking to match their environmental and social values. (Check out our recent letter on Triple Pundit: )
    Our first chapter was started in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 and has over 300 active members ranging from architects to banks and law firms.
    We announced the start of our national expansion with the launch of a second chapter in Las Vegas, Nevada on Aug, 19, 2010.
    Partners include:
    The American Sustainable Business Council, ( which represents over 50,000 businesses
    California Business Alliance for a Green Economy, (
    B-Corp (
    Green America (

  • Bob Wallace

    “Last Thursday, ThinkProgress revealed that lawyers representing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of the most powerful trade associations for large corporations like ExxonMobil and CitiGroup, had solicited a proposal from a set of military contractors to develop a surreptitious campaign to attack the Chamber’s political opponents, including ThinkProgress, the Change to Win labor coalition, SEIU,,, U.S. Chamber Watch and others. The lawyers from the Chamber’s longtime law firm Hunton and Williams had been compiling their own data set on some of these targets.”

    There’s more at

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