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Published on August 16th, 2010 | by Susan Kraemer


Could Climate Change Get Us Killed?

August 16th, 2010 by  

As Russia reels under broiling temperatures completely outside the range of its experience, a widely quoted Russian political scientist is voicing the suspicion that the regional climate change is the deliberate work of the US, according to Radio Free Europe.

His idea is that the US is secretly trying to kill Russians and wipe out their crops with “climate-change weapons.”


Faced with soaring temperatures and the resulting droughts, crop failures, heat stroke deaths and wildfires, the deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation is suggesting that it had to have been deliberate. This had to have been an act of war, perpetrated by an enemy.

He’s not just some kook: alone and unheard. The article by Andrei Areshev  was carried by news publications throughout Russia, by “International Affairs,” a journal published by the Foreign Ministry and by the state-owned news agency RIA Novosti. Areshev proposed a theory that “At the moment, climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and may be used to provoke droughts, erase crops, and induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries.”

His concern focused on HAARP the the High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program which is (it gets hotter!) funded by the US Defense Department.

Now, silly as all this sounds, in a way, indirectly: he does have a point, but not the one he thinks.

By refusing to act on legislating the solutions to climate change like other nations have done, the US IS in fact deliberately choosing to destabilize other nations with avoidable climate change.

But it is not the deliberate plan. It just is what’s going to happen, due to the failure of our Senate. How will nations in the next few decades look at us?

The story is widely carried in Russian news organizations, likely stirring up resentment and fear. It is only a matter of time before someone gets angry enough about devastating climate change to take up arms – or even nukes.

Perhaps then the obstructionist, selfish and stupid Senators of the 2010 congress (39 Republicans and 3 Democrats) that have disabled a safe climate policy, will be held responsible.

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  • We have enough evidence to know deep down that the science is correct about anthropogenic global warming. In due time, we will come to accept that the science WAS indeed right and that the proofs, the evidence will now be part of history, or historical data. And when that happens we can tie the politicians that had all this data in hand and still voted against action. We can then surely sue them for crimes against humanity, etc…We should be merciless. The damage caused is going to be so immense, that they will ultimately be responsible for the death of millions of people. That should be enough for some stiff punishment.


    Christopher Beau


    • I agree. But since the effects will be felt over the next 100,000 years, will people in future generations sue their decendants? Or who? I suspect they’ll get off scott free. And will there even be lawyers in a future that will be much harder to maintain civilization in, lacking the eco systems that now provide cooling (Amazon) food (crops fail at over 86 degrees) and water (drought will dry up freshwater in many more parts of the world than now) etc? Wouldn’t we revert to a stone age society in such circumstances?

  • Dave B

    How is this crazy Russian political scientist a “climate change alarmist” ?

    Quite the contrary. He does not see the connection between the science and the result, like you fossil fools, and so he is lashing out unscientifically at HAARP as the cause of Russia’s misery – rather than at the actual cause: the rise in greenhouse gases.

  • Mariss

    Are the Climate Change alarmists really angry enough to do that? Nuke the world because they didn’t get their way? Talk about sore losers!

  • Talk about journalism ethics. This Russian journalist seems pretty sure about his allegations or just he is spreading rumors and wants to start another cold war. Your neighbor China is faster than you. Get your economy going before spreading these lies.

    • He’s a political scientist, though. They don’t have ethics.

  • Matt


    care to define long term? It can be a very relative term. I’ve never seen long term statistical data trending CO2, when relative to the age of the earth.

  • Dave Johnson


    I would be grateful if you could point me to the “long term statistical data trends” that show this.


  • Hayduke

    Quote –

    “He’s not just some kook”

    No, of course not. All conspiracy theorists are perfectly sane. And those tin foil hats really do work as well, you know.


    • @hayduke

      Perhaps my sarcasm was too subtle. I think it is completely ridiculous to attribute climate change to a war effort on the part of the US.

      I toned down the humor in my original writing, leaving out comparisons to dangerous delusional media figures in this country because it isn’t so funny that our lives are at the mercy of kooks who also get widely quoted talking heads gigs in this country, courtesy The Heritage Foundation, CATO, Fox, and so on, just like the Russian kook.

  • Rick C.

    @SK. Excellent last three paragraphs there, in your response to K. Dullison.

  • Jon Van Natta

    I tend to agree with Kum Dollison’s main point–which is that this site is a good source of information, but the global warming argument tends to turn off conservatives who totally agree with the main thrust–that we need a clean energy and sustainable future.

    I personally just ignore the global warming arguments and the occasional political references. I would love to have a non-political site to point my conservative and liberal friends to.

    I think if you take a little different approach you could have a much wider audience and have more impact on a sustainable, clean, future!

    • @Jon Van Natte

      I don’t think so. Republican voters just do not support clean renewable energy or they would not keep voting for the Senators they do.

      The 39 Republican Senators (except Snowe and Collins) have pretty much ended our little civilization, because they have persistently filibustered renewable energy/climate policies. We are close to or even at the tipping point.

      These Senators have chosen to lie for the fossil energy industry about the 100,000 year climate risk we are embarking on, massively destabilizing our ecosystem we relied on.

  • darth

    Of course there are fires in Russia and always have been. The point is that the theory predicts that the rising C02 caused temperatures make such things more frequent and more intense. There is no C02 ‘religion’. You have to look at the long term statistical data trends, not specific events. Why is that so hard to understand?

  • Yes.. climate change will affect us …

  • Paul

    Trust a Russian nutcase to whip up xenophobia about HAARP. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black and they surely know better.

    Back during the ‘cold war’, as recently as the 80s, the Russians built Over The Horizon Radar, called “The Russian Woodpecker” that pumped orders of magnitudes more energy into the ionosphere than HAARP ever has.

    Yep, Nukes will fix climate change, no worries!! Nuclear winter instead of global warming LOL.

    [SK. It is nutty all right ! One’s tempted to laugh. But we have seen here recently how hysterical nutcases can be actually dangerous, though.

    Look at how the “death panels” nutcases killed decent healthcare reform that could have saved lives and families here from bankruptcies.]

  • Kum Dollison

    1298: There was a wholesale death of animals. In the same year there was a drought, and the woods and peat bogs burnt.

    1364: Halfway through summer there was a complete smoke haze, the heat was dreadful, the forests, bogs and earth were burning, rivers dried up. The same thing happened the following year . . .

    1431: following a blotting out of the sky, and pillars of fire, there was a drought – “the earth and the bogs smouldered, there was no clear sky for 6 weeks, nobody saw the sun, fishes, animals and birds died of the smoke.

    1735: Empress Anna wrote to General Ushakov: “Andrei Ivanovich, here in St Petersburg it is so smoky that one cannot open the windows, and all because, just like last year, the forests are burning. We are surprised that no-one has thought about how to stem the fires, which are burning for the second year in a row”.

    1831: Summer was unbearably hot, and as a consequence of numerous fires in the forests, there was a constant haze of smoke in the air, through which the sun appeared a red hot ball; the smell of burning was so strong, that it was difficult to breathe.

    The years of 1839-1841 were known as the “hungry years”. In the spring of 1840, the spring sowings of corn disappeared in many places. From midway through April until the end of August not a drop of rain fell. From the beginning of summer the fields were covered with a dirty grey film of dust. All the plants wilted, dying from the heat and lack of water. It was extraordinarily hot and close, even though the sun, being covered in haze, shone very weakly through the haze of smoke. Here and there in various regions of Russia the forests and peat bogs were burning (the firest had begun already in 1939). there was a reddish haze, partially covering the sun, and there were dark, menacing clouds on the horizon. There was a choking stench of smoke which penetrated everywhere, even into houses where the windows remained closed.

    1868: the weather was murderous. It rained once during the summer. There was a drought. The sun, like a red hot cinder, glowed through the clouds of smoke from the peat bogs. Near Peterhoff the forests and peat workings burnt, and troops dug trenches and flooded the subterranean fire. It was 40 centigrade in the open, and 28 in the shade.

    1868: a prolonged drought in the northern regions was accompanied by devastating fires in various regions. Apart from the cities and villages affected by this catastrophe, the forests, peat workings and dried-up marshes were burning. In St Petersburg region smoke filled the city and its outlying districts for several weeks.

    1875: While in western europe there is continual rain and they complain about the cold summer, here in Russia there is a terrible drought. In southern Russia all the cereal and fruit crops have died, and around St Petersburg the forest fires are such that in the city itself, especially in the evening, there is a thick haze of smoke and a smell of burning. Yesterday, the burning woods and peat bogs threatened the ammunitiion stores of the artillery range and even Okhtensk gunpowder factory.

    1885: (in a letter from Peter Tchaikovsky, composer): I’m writing to you at three oclock in the afternoon in such darkness, you would think it was nine oclock at night. For several days, the horizon has been enveloped in a smoke haze, arising, they say, from fires in the forest and peat bogs. Visibility is diminishing by the day, and I’m starting to fear that we might even die of suffocation.

    1917 (diary of Aleksandr Blok, poet): There is a smell of burning, as it seems, all around the city peat bogs, undergrowth and trees are burning. And no-one can extinguish it. That will be done only by rain and the winter. Yellowish-brown clouds of smoke envelope the villages, wide swaithes of undergrowth are burning, and God sends no rain, and what wheat there is in the fields is burning

    What was it back in all those other times? Vikings driving their SUVs over the peat bogs? Come on, you have a wonderful website for information on renewable energy. You don’t have to preach some silly CO2 Religion to make it relevant. The depleting reserves of fossil fuels do that. Getting all wound up in hare-brained CAGW theories, and Global weather Weapons Conspiracies just turns off a lot of people that you would like to reach.

    [SK: I share your love of history and scorn for HAARP conspiracy nutcases. I am a fellow adherent with a relatively blind faith in “Peak Oil” theory espoused by a mere couple of geologists like Hubbert. I tend to believe that we are in for one bumpy ride. (But I won’t get angry at people who say otherwise. We’ll see.)

    But disagree with you on the evidence of the vast accumulated data points on climate change.

    Currently 97% of debating climate scientists have not been able to prove climate change is NOT happening as it was modeled to decades ago as GHGs rose, despite the considerable fame and fortune that would attend such a major overhaul of the state of the science, akin to what Einstein did in physics. – In fact, the changes are outpacing their predictions, the North Pole was not predicted to melt as early as this.

    Till they change their minds, who am I to say whats the true state of the science? Or you?

    Do you feel a similar rage over the “religion” held by cardiologists that cholesterol causes heart attacks, say? Lets say your wife was having a heart attack. Would you get a second opinion from Glen Beck — or a cardiologist?]

  • Kum Dollison

    Yeah, now we control the Jet Stream.

    Don’t you people ever read? This happens about every one hundred years in that area. Sometimes a couple of times in a Century.

    [SK: No, it is a once in a 1,000 years event, by lake deposit records of temperatures going back 1,000 years.

    “Russia has recently seen the longest unprecedented heat wave for at least one thousand years, the head of the Russian Meteorological Center said on Monday….

    “We have an ‘archive’ of abnormal weather situations stretching over a thousand years. It is possible to say there was nothing similar to this on the territory of Russia during the last one thousand years in regard to the heat,” Alexander Frolov said.

    He said scientists received information on ancient weather conditions by exploring lake deposits”.]

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