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150,000 At Clean Energy Rally in DC

April 26th, 2010 by  

Yesterday on the Mall in Washington, DC well over one hundred thousand gathered to show their support for clean energy legislation  in the US. Musical artists Sting, John Legend, Passion Pit, The Roots, and others entertained the throngs of activists and environmentally concerned citizens.

Participants were shown videotaped messages from the President and Avatar film director James Cameron. At some point a large rubber ball was tossed around the stage,  symbolizing the approximately 1,000 plastic bags used per year by each American family.

It appears however, that immigration reform could precede energy and/or climate change legislation due to the recent situation in Arizona. Some say that local development could push the political forces in Washington to focus quickly on immigration and shelve energy legislation until after the November elections when Republicans might gain power in Congress and block the efforts of Democrats to changed national energy policy.

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