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Published on October 9th, 2009 | by Zachary Shahan


Survey Says!.. 92% of Americans Want Solar Power

October 9th, 2009 by  

A new survey shows that 92% of Americans think developing and using solar power is important. The results cross political boundaries and favor solar over all other energy sources.


The new survey was completed by Kelton Research. The survey shows support for solar crosses political and ideological boundaries now. It is about as popular of as electricity itself! According to the survey, 94% of Democrats, 93% of Independents, and 89% of Republicans think that “it is important for the U.S. to develop and use solar power.”

Solar Power is Most Popular, but Not in Use

Interestingly, though solar power provides the US with less than 1% of its energy and that is pretty much the same as one year ago, while wind power and others have grown in leaps and bounds, people favor solar.

Is it just the concept? Is it catchier? Has there been more momentum and hype around solar in the press?

I’m not sure, but apparently it is not only the general public. Investors are putting more money into solar than any other clean technology (and clean tech has passed biotech and IT as the top venture capital investment category in the world).

Of survey respondents, only 3% of respondents had solar power, but 49% said they were considering getting it for their home or business and 70% said they would install solar power within the next five years.

Government Should Fund Solar Power

43% of respondents thought solar was the most important energy source the government should fund (it is what they would fund if they were President and could only choose one source), 17% said wind, 12% natural gas, and 10% nuclear.

77% of survey respondents think “the development of solar power, and other renewable energy sources, should be a major priority of the federal government, including the financial support needed.” This is exactly the same as in June of last year.

With investors putting money into solar and wanting more support for renewable energy, the general public wanting solar, and fossil fuels declining, is solar power really about to blow?

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