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Published on December 15th, 2008 | by Susan Kraemer


Energy Journalist Trapped in Effluent From Electric Power Station

December 15th, 2008 by  

Dirty Power Station

The journalist Stephen Lacey, who podcasts for REW, was caught in the discharge from an electric power station that he was writing about for his magazine.

Steven Lacey bathes in Blue Lagoon

Oh, did I say trapped in effluent? What I meant to say was that the effluent from the power station is a tourist trap. Stephen was caught in a tourist trap.

The power station effluent he was caught in was Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. Lacey podcasts about renewable energy for Renewable Energy World and so he was visiting this Geothermal plant you see in the background

Blue Lagoon is a tourist trap

and the Blue Lagoon is the famous tourist trap that this Geothermal power plant feeds with its discharged effluent.

bathers bask in blue lagoon

What I meant to say was that it was so nice and warm in the beneficial effluent of the Geothermal plant that Stephen Lacey of Renewable Energy World was caught in a tourist trap.

He was there to learn about renewable power from the experts who pioneered Geothermal power in Iceland. Let’s hope America does learn from Iceland.

It took Google blazing into Geothermal investment in EGS, (the deeper Geothermal source of power, with global potential) to get any Federal investment at all (or even a button on the DOE web page) from the current fossil-fueled Bush White House, but that should change in the Obama administration because unlike the other fuels that we get out of the ground, Geothermal power is not a fossil fuel and does not have carbon emissions.

Via the Renewable Energy World podcast

Photo credits: Stephen Lacey and Flikr users Bev and Steve, rianklong and frogdog* 

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