Zenn Electric Cars to Steal Some Thunder?

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current Zenn CarThis was too good to pass up. It’s a tale of intrigue, exciting new technology, and a secretive business deal that could change the automotive industry as we know it. Canadian electric car company Zenn Cars already sells city-only electric cars, but they claim they’ll sell a new model in 2009 that can go 80mph with a 250 mile range.

So what makes Zenn Cars special among the EV contenders? They’ve thrown their money behind a different kind of battery. Solid-state super capacitors (not technically batteries) supposedly last longer, store more energy, and cause less ecological harm than lithium-ion or lead-based batteries. This is where the story gets interesting. Chip in a few dollars a month to help support independent cleantech coverage that helps to accelerate the cleantech revolution!

EEstor is the secret behind this promising promise, and the operative word here is “secret”. EEstor shuns publicity, refuses to give interviews, and certainly hasn’t been showing off their product. Everyone’s trying to learn more about this company and its technology, but I can’t seem to find their web page – if they have one. Yet EEstor (if that’s their real name) has already raised a few brows by signing a deal with Lockheed Martin for defense and homeland security applications (details not disclosed). If they can deliver what they promise it will change everything. We’re talking batteries that are lighter, stronger, faster, cheaper, and they never lose their charge capacity. The possibilities for everything from autos to cell phones are exciting to put it mildly. Imagine buying one rechargeable battery for every cell phone, laptop, gadget, appliance, etc. you’ll ever use. Ever. Imagine car batteries that never go to the landfill and eliminate the need for gasoline. Exciting? You bet. But only if EEstor can walk the walk, after trying their hardest to avoid the talk.

On top of all this, it seems like everyone is coming out with electric vehicles in the near future. Tesla’s Roadster is already under production and promises to come out later this year. Aptera’s futuristic Typ1 could also come out at the end of this year or in 2009. In 2010 GM swears they’ll roll out the much-awaited Volt. The Zenn Citycar could be available in Fall of 2009, which would put it right in the middle of the hot new EV market. It’ll be fun to see who, if any, come out on top with the “Prius” of electric vehicles.

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