CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused
 in the world.

Top Cleantech Site In The World

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Image Credit: Solar panel, wind turbine & globe via ShutterstockCleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused website in the US and the world according to and

Our work has been referenced by the New York Times, Washington PostSlateMSNBCThink ProgressReutersScientific American, and plenty of other sites. Some of the cleantech industry’s top CEOs, directors, founders, and board members read us regularly. But plenty of “common citizens” are also addicted to our site.

CleanTechnica strives to be (er… remain) the most indispensable website on the planet for cleantech news and commentary. We have been covering the cleantech industry obsessively since 2008, before it was popular for mainstream media to dedicate blogs or subdomains to the topic, and we are now a well-recognized leader in this field.

Recognition from Around the Interwebs

The following are just some of the indications that we are a top site to follow or reference for cleantech news, facts, or commentary:

But What is Our Focus?

Technology-wise, our focus is solar power, wind power, energy efficiency, and clean transport. However, we also get into many other topics — geothermal, hydropower, nuclear power, climate change, energy storage, and more.

Overall, I think our top goals are to:

  1. inspire people and help them to take cleantech action in their lives;
  2. share correct information on cleantech, including debunking widespread myths and horrible coverage in the mass media.

All in all, we want to be a useful site for the world and want to develop a strong, useful community of world citizens in order to help move humanity forward in a positive direction!

Image: Solar panel, wind turbine & globe via Shutterstock

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  • Carlton Parfitt

    You guys rock!!!!!!!

  • Mikeymike801302

    I am about to come into a clear title for about 80 acres of flat Florida farmland from my grandmother’s estate. I want to take all 80 acres and develop a solar and wind farm. I could pay for the up-front costs with a loan against the equity in the property, then sell the energy wholesale to Florida Power and Light. Whom would I contact first because FPL are incompetent.

  • binaya

    Hi, I want some information about solar powered lamp post suppliers in India. Can you give me the website and contact information please.

    • Bob_Wallace

      I doubt anyone here has that sort of information. I’d suggest you spend some time Googling to see who makes a quality product and then contact them to see if they have a distributor in India or if they ship.

      Here’s a company that turned up with a quick search for “solar powered street lamps”.

      I know nothing about them but I’d put them on your list and look for other companies. Then do your due diligence by checking quality and reputation.
      CalTrans – the California State highway department uses solar lighting at some more remote sites. You might contact them and see if they have any recommendations.

      Also, this could be a great industry for India. This is not a product that would take a lot of engineering.

  • Barbara Francis

    I don’t know how I found CleanTechnica or how it found me, but I liked it from the first. I almost dropped it in the interests of getting less email, however, since it seemed to come almost every day.

    But I kept reading it. Now I wish it came every hour.

    Not really!!!! But thanks for being there and doing such a great all respects:content, scope, concision, humor. Thanks!

    • Zachary Shahan

      Thanks a lot! :D

      Believe it or not, would love to cover about twice as many stories every day than we do. But it seems to be against the interest of our readers, and most certainly is against the interest of our writers (their pay would drop), so we don’t. :D

  • Ahilan Raman

    Thank you for your good work.

    • Zachary Shahan


  • Arjaytech

    i am inspired to see some innovation.

    it was a nice feelings..

  • Herbison

    I have just been granted a patent on a tidal stream concept I call Eco-FEW.L it is very simple in design ,easy to build and maintain , and I believe has potential to be the most viable renewable energy production system to date , and be a viable business conceot ,even if subsidies where not available, I need any and all possible infirmation or ideas that may allow me to contact investors to take this concept forward , would be grateful for any imput from your readersThankyou very much.Frankie Herbison.

    • Jaffer Sait

      Hi Frankie. Good to hear that you have been granted a patent on a tidal system called ECOFEW.L and many congratulations for the same.

      Please visit the site who are into funding such projects as well as There are a whole lot of investors waiting for opportunities to invest in new projects and one another is Please feel free to contact me at any time for any further assistance on

      If and when you are able to internationalize your business do get in touch with us here in Oman at and we would certainly look at the opportunity of working with you to introudce your technology in our beautiful country.

      Wishing you all the best in your efforts.



  • Vittal N Telkar.

    sir,i felt very happy about your new innovation about solar p v models. i wish to be know more about it. if possible i can. Vittal N Telkar.
    About me: i am working as a Branch manager , in Orb enery pvt. Ltd.,
    in the field of solar waerheaters, pv moedls AC/DC Systems. solar lights.
    Both CFL And LED.

    Thanking you sir.

    Vittal N Telkar.

  • Admin

    Please can you link me with companies that have experience and have installed wind/solar energy power system for Cell Towers and cell sites across a large geographical area of a country with capability for a central monitoring installation.
    My company has won a contract to install solar/wind power energy to replace diesel electrical generating sets at 1105 sites across the country of Ghana. We need a reliable and competent technical partner.
    Rafik Brown

    • Jaffer Sait

      Hi Rafiq,

      With regard to your request on the website of Clean Technicia, for specialized companies in the field of solar/wind energy for your project in Ghana, please visit the website which will provide the best, specific and perfect solutions that you are looking for and the email contact details are copied in this email.

      Best of luck for your project.

      With compliments, greetings and best wishes from Majestic Muscat.

      Jaffer Mohamed Sait
      Director – Corporate Development
      Sultanate of Oman

      Mobile : (00968) 99264684

      P.S for Conor – I have copied this mail of a prospect to you. Best of Luck.


      check out GREAT PRODUCTS!

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