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CleanTechnica Comment Policy

We love comments. We love people sharing useful information about cleantech and related subjects. We love it all so much that we let people comment by default… no need for your comment to wait for approval by a moderator!

However, there is a tendency for people on sites all over the web to spew total crap onto the screens of others. Due to the anonymity and distanced nature of comments on the internet people seem to feel comfortable calling strangers horrible names, spamming, and completely straying from the points of the discussion. That being the case we do sometimes have to remove comments. Here are some things that can get your comments removed:

  • using abusive language to describe other commenters, including name-calling
  • threatening others
  • engaging in all-caps shouting
  • making very off-topic comments and thread hijacking
  • including spam in your comments
  • posting misinformation that is harmful to society
  • repeatedly posting illogical or demonstrably incorrect statements
  • posting conspiracy theories that are too off the wall to waste time debunking
  • touting your or someone else’s perpetual motion machine

CT respects the 97.1% of climate science peer-reviewed papers which have established a position on global warming and the 98% of climate scientists who have stated their position, agree that global warming is real, caused by humans and extremely serious. The only real debate is what to do in an attempt to minimize the harm, which is a primary focus of this blog. Global warming denying comments are always irrelevant on CT and will be removed.

Global warming denier sites are not reliable sources. If they make a point and reference a peer-reviewed study published in a reputable journal or industry document, reference the study or document directly.

If you repeatedly violate commenting rules then you will lose the privilege of commenting.

Of course, we may change our comment policy at any time if we see the need for that.

We’re funny that way….

  • Bob_Wallace

    Here are some codes people might find useful…
    Defines bold text

    Defines a long quotation
    Defines italic text
    Defines strikethrough text
    Defines strikethrough text
    Defines underlined text
    Remember to close your command with .

    Want bold? Use the strong with before the words to be shown bold and /strong with the after the words so that the rest of the world doesn’t get emboldened.

    • Bob_Wallace

      Obviously I need to work on that. But I’m strapped for time at the moment.

      Take this post as a sign the codes work. If used correctly. And check the Disqus link Calamity posted.

  • Calamity_Jean
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