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A Shipping Container Home With Solar Power: The Jagpod

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The founder of Jaguar Containers, William Coit, has created shipping container homes with solar power systems and is currently running an Indiegogo campaign. Mr. Coit answered some questions about his shipping container homes for Cleantechnica.

shipping container home

How many square feet of living space does a Jagpod have?
The 20 ft. unit has 144 square feet and the 40 ft. unit has 300 square feet of living space. The 20-foot JagPods are easier to transport and maneuver, with prices starting at $30,000. The 40 ft unit offers greater value and more space, starting at $60,000. These units include solar panels.

What size will the solar power system be for a Jagpod, in watts?
2-4 panels, with each panel being 235 Watts, plus the mounting array, inverter, controller and 27 volt battery bank.

Will there be any energy storage?
Yes there will be energy storage to eliminate the unpredictability of energy off the grid.

Is a Jagpod intended to be grid-connected or off-grid?
Both. Some of our customers will buy units that will be near a utility grid and it makes sense to connect them to it. For customers that live off the grid, we’ll use the standalone solar system.

Is your target audience in the US, abroad or both?
Initially, we are targeting customers in the US but our long-term goal is to sell units internationally. We have a global solution for third world countries that solves its housing needs. The JagPod can be built in 90 days and deployed anywhere in the world.

Does a Jagpod come with a warranty, and if so, what is it?
The JagPod carries a 10 year structural warranty. It offers great resistance to natural disasters, including resistance to winds of up to 100 mph.

Some shipping containers people buy for homes are used and need to be cleaned, sanded and painted. Do you take care of that for each one or your containers or do you sell brand new ones?
Yes, we do. We use both used and new containers for building the JagPod. Used shipping containers are certified that they are structurally sound, cleaned, sanded, and painted. Used containers are an excellent source in that we’re extending the life of the shipping container.

Can single Jagpods be easily joined to double the interior living space?
Yes, JagPods can easily be joined together to add more livable space to the home. It really depends on how much money the customer wants to spend.

Why are you launching a container home product with solar power…have you observed demand for it?
This is a fulfillment of a life-long dream of mine that started in college. Traveling to Ghana, West Africa, and seeing the need for structurally sound housing motivated me to find a solution. For the past 20 years, Europe and Asia have led the world in building container home projects. Within the last 5 years, projects in the US have taken off. Wherever an emergency disaster occurs, we would like to make JagPods available to help solve these housing problems.

Image Credit: Jaguar Containers

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  • Billy jones

    They are scammers they’ve never created this pod. They take peoples money and never deliver. Jaguar containers is a fraud

  • I think not legitimate. I just spoke to the people at the Container Home Association (ISBU Association) and also the Container Dealers Association and neither have ever heard of this guy, or his company.

    A ‘big red flag’ to me was when I saw hi-jacked photos and images from other websites and companies. Someone better do their research before posting such stories and promoting these people… I’ve been in this business many years, not just a reader.

  • Bob_Wallace

    $200 per square foot and 90 days to build?

    Forget it. Should be possible to build a truckable 400 sq ft house in a couple of days in a factory and for under $100 per square foot.

    • Otis11

      That was my thought… priced himself right out of the market.

  • Pricing seems a bit high. The solar and backup battery system is likely about $5-$7k. I wonder what the interior finishes are like.

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