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Published on May 7th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Get People To Try Electric Cars! New Electric Car “Guest Driving” Service Does The Obvious

May 7th, 2014 by  

The best way to get the electric car revolution rolling faster is a simple one: get more people to try out electric cars. Join in these electric car test events below or start similar ones in your area!

Get People To Try Electric Cars! New Electric Car “Guest Driving” Service Does The Obvious (via EV Obsession)

Riding in an electric car is quite a different experience from riding in a smelly, noisy, low-torque gasmobile, but driving one is a world of difference. As they say, “once you go electric, you…” Well, I guess someone needs to come up with a good…

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  • Calgary Driving School

    That’s a really cool idea to promote electric cars and moving into the future!


  • Gwennedd

    Once you go electric, your life becomes euphoric

  • Captwfrankhorn

    Once you go Electric, your life will be less hectic!

  • Jana McDonough

    The Electric Car Guest Drive events were very well attended by both EC owners and people who were curious about owning an EC. More than 100 people mingled in the park at each of last weekend’s events held in the San Diego area. EC owners provided lots of information and offered test drives in their vehicles throughout the afternoon. The vehicles included the Tesla Model S, Fiat 500e, Toyota RAV4 EV, Nissan Leaf, Honda Fit EV, VW Beetle EV conversion, Chevy Volt and Ford Focus Electric. A very informal setting offered a refreshing alternative to a visit to a car dealership. If one is offered in your area, it is well worth attending! I learned so much!

  • Pat Campbell

    Worked for me. Was given the opportunity at our SW Clean Air Agency. Notably, an anti-human caused climate charge guy refused the opportunity although I was able to get him on light rail.

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