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Published on February 15th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Nissan Leaf Sales Sky High In Europe

February 15th, 2014 by  

The Nissan Leaf may very well be the “Model T” of the electric car world, or at least the Toyota Prius of this fast-growing sector. This post below from EV Obsession highlights a number of hot stats the Leaf has claim to at the moment, mostly focused on European sales. Enjoy!

Nissan Leaf Is Kicking Ass In Europe (via EV Obsession)

If you keep up with all the European electric car sales reports I publish, you already now that the Nissan Leaf is crushing it — in Europe as well as globally. Well, Nissan just put out a news release all about this, and it includes a number of cool…

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  • JamesWimberley

    The success of Nissan’s electric van / taxi will be an almost pure test of ths economics of evs. Fleet operators like Fedex and British Gas are unsentimental bean-counters, uninterested in wowing the girls with acceleration off the traffic lights and green machismo. It’s already a win that they are giving the Nissan vans serious trials with enough numbers to give reliable information.

    • Ross

      Look forward to watching it play out over the rest of the decade.

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