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Published on February 1st, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Delhi Air Is Worse Than Beijing Air

One of the reasons running CleanTechnica has become a full-time job for me is because I love covering the fun and exciting developments in solar energy, the electric vehicle industry, and wind energy. However, I got into this arena because of a clear passion to help the world help itself. As a whole, we’re threatening our own society’s existence, as well as the existence of countless species, through the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas. It’s crazy. One of the ways in which we are cutting our lives short in this process is through the tremendous air pollution that it creates. Beijing’s horrible air pollution has been the story as of late, but Delhi actually has it much worse!

Beijing Air Not As Bad As Delhi Air (via Planetsave)

Beijing has been getting a lot of attention for its crazy bad/deadly air. However, a reporter at the New York Times has noted that Delhi’s air is often even worse. “Despite Beijing’s widespread reputation of having some of the most polluted air…

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  • Matt

    Was in Pune last year and on the way back did lay over in the new New Delhi airport. It was evening, but the air quality was so bad you could see the smog inside the airport. One of the things that is going to save India is that they can’t mine the coal in country fast enough to feed the coal plants they already have, and can’t afford to ship it in. So wind/PV are not only cleaner but easier for them.

  • JamesWimberley

    In a cruel way, this is good news. Air pollution is literally visible and creates immediate health risks, so it naturally generates well-targeted political protest. Global warming is insidious and creates the mother of all collective action problems. The great London smog of 1953 led to a ban on domestic coal fires – replaced by gas boilers and coal-fed electricity, whose harm was invisible. Chinese and Indian politicians will connect the dots and ramp up renewables.

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