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CO2 Emissions Suckers

Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan



Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action is releasing a new national television ad, “Suckers,” that’s timed to President Obama’s State of the Union address. The ad debunks some obtuse Keystone XL supporter claims implies that tar sands political allies in Canada (such as Prime Minister Stephen Harper) & the US are taking Americans as a bunch of “suckers.”

Notably, $30 billion has been invested in tar sands development by companies backed by the Chinese government. “They’re counting on the US to approve TransCanada’s pipeline to ship oil through America’s heartland and out to foreign countries like theirs,” the ad notes.

The ad is being developed in part with Tom Steyer’s 350,000 strong online community, We Love Our Land, and will also be posted on the site. You can also watch it right here:

The ad will run the hour before and the hour after President Obama’s State of the Union address on MSNBC. It will reach an estimated 3-4 million viewers.

The ad comes just two days after a TransCanada natural gas pipeline exploded in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The explosion resulted in a 12-hour loss of gas supplies to almost 4,000 residents in -32C temperatures.

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  • Edward Kerr

    ON the 19th of November ’13 the State Dept OK-ed a natural gas pipeline to go from the US to Alberta. NG is used as a solvent to make tar sand bitumen able to flow more easily through pipelines. Anyone that thinks that KXL won’t be approved needs a reality check. Soon we will all have the pleasure of bending way over and kissing our sorry butts goodby. Climate change is happening right before our eyes and we have dallied to long in the fossil fuel patch setting in motion the same atmospheric physics and chemistry that led to the Late Permian Mass Extinction Event. ***News Flash***!!! Physics and Chemistry have not changed in the interval between then and now.

  • Will E

    I have solar on the roof, and it works perfectly. save 3000 euros a year.
    how come people want to dig in Canada, transport it in a pipeline to the East coast and then transport it by ship to where they want it and than transport it on land in trucks and then buy it and burn it. what is the logic of that.
    solar on the garage, and an EV in the garage. done.
    save another 3000 euros a year.

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