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Cars solar vs EVs awareness

Published on January 28th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


CleanTechnica, Honda, Ford, SolarCity, Plug In America, & TreeHugger Invite You To #SolarChat About Solar + EVs

A couple weeks ago, I announced the upcoming #SolarChat (which is tomorrow, Wednesday!), but I figured a reminder wasn’t a bad idea. Also, since then, we’ve gotten SolarCity to join the 1-hour Twitter chat.

Quick summary in case you missed the article linked above and are too lazy to click over:

The organizers/hosts of these #SolarChats come up with several questions for panelists and participants before the event, focused around a particular solar topic each time. They also round up the panelists. During the one-hour event, one of the co-hosts rolls out each question and then lets everyone respond to it, and then to each other. #SolarChat events regularly rank at the top of National Twitter Trends the day that they take place. The last #SolarChat, which was about American corporate solar champions and the business case for solar, even trended higher than the Pope.

I’m a co-host on the upcoming #SolarChat (tomorrow, January 29, from 2:00-3:00pm ET), as I helped to get all the panelists on board, helped draft the questions, and will be a key participant throughout the fast-paced 1-hour tweet feast. I’m happy to say that we’ve got a ridiculously fly panel. Other than #SolarChat co-hosts Raina Russo and Glenna Wiseman and myself (@zshahan3), here’s the lineup:


–> John Linney (tweeting from @SolarCity) — SolarCity’s Vice President of Marketing.

–> Mike Tinskey (tweeting from @Ford) — Ford’s Global Director of Vehicle Electrification and Vehicle Infrastructure. (Interestingly, Ford serendipitously unveiled its Ford C-Max Solar Energi concept car just before this event.)

–> Ryan Harty (tweeting from @Honda) – Manager of Environmental Business Development at American Honda Motor Company (heads up Honda’s solar power programs).

–> Paul Scott (tweeting from @pluginamerica) – Founding member of Plug In America, former President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California, Nissan LEAF salesman for Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles, former solar PV salesman.

–> Michael Graham Richard (tweeting from @TreeHugger) — Editor at TreeHugger, a leading green news site.


Register for the #SolarChat here: “Solar & EVs: Intersection, Reality, Challenges & Promise.”

Be prepared to offer some educated tweets by catching up on findings from our reader poll about solar+EV owners as well as other solar+EV polls and studies.

solar panels vs evs time

solar vs EVs awareness

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