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Bicycles Alterniva — Ukraine Organization With Innovative Cleantech Programs

Published on January 25th, 2014 | by Zachary Shahan


Alternativa — Ukraine Organization With Innovative Cleantech Programs

Some of the most interesting projects and programs to which I was exposed on my recent cleantech tour around Ukraine were regarding the nonprofit organization Alternativa*. I talked a bit with then-director, Yuliya Malko, at different points during the trip. At the very end of my trip, I had the opportunity to sit down over lunch with Yuliya and interview her in order to get summaries of those various projects condensed into one video for all of you. Here’s that interview, followed by some text summary and extra commentary:

  • Alternativa has worked with LEGO to demonstrate to students how renewable energy technologies can power a city.
  • It also helped to educate students about how solar panels and wind turbines work. This included small-scale physical demonstrations and renewable energy technology construction.
  • Alternative also helped to organize European Sustainable Energy Week last June.
  • It helped to organize the first outdoor rally of electric cars in Ukraine.
  • And it helped to organize a flash mob promoting energy independence in Ukraine, held on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

Good stuff. I was particularly impressed by the innovative educational programs Alternativa developed.

Also, by the way, in support of Yuliya and millions of other Ukrainians, I highly recommend: Help Protect Democracy In Ukraine.


  • I’m now an official advisor to Alternativa, but that is a completely voluntary role — I am not compensated for that work in any way.
  • My trip to and around Ukraine was supported by Activ Solargreencubator, and Alternativa.

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Read more about my trip to Ukraine on our Ukraine channel.

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  • JamesWimberley

    Renewable energy is highly charged politically in Ukraine. The country is dependent on Russia for most of its oil and gas, so the call for energy independence means independence from Russia. Nervousness about Russia plays a not to be underestimated part in German popular support for the Energiewende, and the EU’s push for renewables generally.

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