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Published on December 14th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


I Need Your EV & Solar Stats! (Yes, I’m Talkin’ To You*)

OK, maybe I don’t need your stats, but I really, really want them!

I’ve been wanting more information on a few EV & solar topics for a while. But an actual survey or study covering these matters is hard to find. It looks like my best source for this information at the moment might be CleanTechnica readers. I hope so, but I actually don’t know how many of you actually do have solar panels and perhaps even an electric car… it will be interesting to get a better sense of that, too.

If you have gone solar and own/lease an electric car (100% electric or PHEV), would you be so kind as to answer these 2 short questions

If you have gone solar (no need to have gotten an EV), could you please answer these 2 short-ish questions:

I can’t really offer you anything extra for filling out these surveys, but if you haven’t seen, we are offering $25 of free solar power investment through Mosaic.

And thanks for going solar and driving on sunshine!

*Note: if you don’t have any EV or solar stats to share, I wasn’t actually talking to you — my apologies. But don’t feel sad, I don’t have any personal EV or solar stats to share either.

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  • Kyle Field

    I have solar panels and am close to net zero for the house. I’m focusing on moving our natural gas appliances (clothes dryer, home heater, stove/range) to electric as well as trying to get my wife on board with an electric. My goal is to be fully using renewables for our home and eventually transportation though we currently have 2 cars (and a wife who doesnt give 2 bits for sustainability…but thankfully the financials are mostly positive or at least neutral)

  • MrEnergyCzar

    I knew plug-in’s were coming. I did solar first 5 years ago making my home net-zero. Then I bought the plug-in car a couple years ago so the solar powers both my home and car. Still net-zero. Best thing I ever did….

    • m

      me too.

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