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Bicycles bloon picnic bike

Published on December 9th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


Bloon Design Builds A Concept Picnic Basket For Bicycles

bloon picnic bike

One of the drawbacks of bicycle commuting is the lack of storage space. Sure, some cyclists have panniers, but those are rarely built to be quickly removed and usually get ditched for backpacks or messenger bags. What happens, though, when you want to bike to a more romantic spot? Dutch design firm Bloon has the answer in the form of its innovative picnic basket concept for serious bicycle commuters.

The Bloon picnic basket panniers do more than carry plates and forks and things, though. As you can see from the pictures, the panniers can be removed from a bicycle’s rear rack easily, and then transformed into a “cooler” type carrier that transforms, again, into a cozy picnic table for two …

picnic basket for bike

… all without asking you to pick between a fixie or a multi-speed bike or choose between a road bike or a fully-suspended off-roader. I can’t confirm this from the photos, but it looks like you’d even be able to sneak a Copenhagen Wheel hub motor under the basket in its “panniers” form.

The designers at Bloon envision a number of colorful fabric cushions and covers being available once their clever picnic basket reaches production, allowing buyers to customize their baskets to match their bikes, sports teams, or just suit their style. No word yet on pricing if (or when) the concept ever makes it to production.

picnic basket for bike

picnic basket for bike

picnic basket for bike

picnic basket for bike

Source | Photos: Bloon, via Design Boom.

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  • Alice Ross

    That is so cool!! I’d love that picnic basket! Having it very easy to carry on a bike is a great thing because we can bring it anywhere we want to have a picnic with just driving our bike on. I wonder how much that cost. -

  • Steeple

    I bet at least 8 people would be interested in buying this

    • Zachary Shahan

      hey now.

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