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Published on December 9th, 2013 | by Important Media Cross-Post


10 Top Toxic Ingredients Used In Coal, Oil, Gas Production

Editor’s Note: As just another reminder as to why we need the cleantech revolution and why we even need it to speed up, below is a tremendous accumulation of facts on the health consequences of several ingredients of energy production in the three big fossil fuel industries — coal, oil, and gas. Even if you ignored global warming and climate change (which you shouldn’t!), the harm we are doing to ourselves through the use of coal, oil, and gas is staggering. The human deaths and human suffering from the use of these energy sources is greater than any war in history. The toxic ingredients the fossil fuel industries are still allowed to use are shocking. Why do we put up with this when we have better options? Actually, we don’t just allow this, we subsidize it! We subsidize oil, coal, and gas production.

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Top 10 Toxic Ingredients Used In The Fossil Fuel Industries (via Planetsave)

There are many reasons to reject fossil fuels now, after 200 years of their reign as society’s primary energy source. History will articulate both the benefits provided to human society derived from fossil fuel energy technologies from 1750 to the…

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  • debra haddix

    Gas might burn a ill cleaner but the extraction is where its bad for the environment, methane, water contamination, Earthquakes, radioactive waste and possible unseen impacts for the future

    • Bob_Wallace

      The data on water contamination and methane leaks while drilling is not strong. We need more research but at this point we can’t make definitive statements on those issues. Methane leaks seems to be more of a distribution problem. Our gas infrastructure (home heating, cooking, water heating, etc.) leaks like a sieve.

      NG drilling earthquakes seem to be minor. Nothing different than what we’ve experienced with oil drilling for over 100 years.

      Coal mining certainly messes up a lot of water.

      I’m not saying that NG is wonderful. It isn’t. All I’m saying is that NG is probably a little less evil than coal.

      And because NG is dispatchable (it can be quickly turned on and off, unlike coal) we can use it in conjunction with solar and wind to replace coal.
      Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that coal and NG are equally evil. Heck, make NG 50% more evil than coal.

      If we replace 100 “units” of coal electricity with 50% wind-electricity, 30% solar-electricity and 20% NG-electricity we will have greatly reduced the total amount of evil. 150% x 20% = 30%.

  • debra haddix

    But coal is the only one being shut down ..and that has very killing to do with the environment !

    • Bob_Wallace

      Since 40% of our electricity comes from coal it’s a little hard to see how one can argue that shutting down a significant percentage of coal plants could not help the climate. Then add in the pollutants in coal that aren’t found in natural gas.

      Additionally, our use of petroleum is dropping. That’s another plus.

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