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Published on October 18th, 2013 | by Nicholas Brown


French Regulatory Commission Responds To 1.9 GW Of PV Tender Requests

The French Regulatory Commission (CRE) has been seeking tenders for 400 MW of solar projects above 250 kW. It has now received a total of 1,928 MW (396 submissions) of applications. Of those, 355 submissions were presented for ministerial approval, amounting to 1.72 GW of potential solar power capacity.

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According to PV-Tech: “The projects will be approved after the energy minister confers with the CRE. Applicants are rated based on a scoring system, on price (10 points), environmental risks and carbon emissions impact (8-10 points), and contributions to research and development (8-10 points), the maximum score is 30.”

  • Ten applications were received for solar projects which were entirely central, but under 12 MW. Eight of those were completed, totaling 46.66 MW.
  • 25 applications were received for 50% central solar projects, which were under 12 MW. 23 of those were completed, totaling 187 MW.
  • 213 applications were received for central solar projects under 12 MW with tracking. 187 were completed, totaling 1,235 MW.
  • 34 applications were received for carport solar installations under 4.5 MW. 30 of these were completed, totaling 66 MW.
  • 109 applications were received for rooftop solar systems under 3 MW. 103 of those were completed, totaling 168 MW.
  • 5 applications were received for rooftop solar systems ranging from 3 MW to 12 MW. 4 were complete, totaling 20 MW.

The winners will be announced by the energy minister in the future.

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