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Biomimicry floating ark green housing

Published on July 19th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Floating Housing Project Concept For Uncertain Climate Future

It’s no secret that our future as a society is likely to be a very rocky one. We simply aren’t switching to clean energy and reducing our meat and dairy consumption fast enough. As such, while trying to get global warming and climate change under control in the decades to come, we’re also going to need to develop ways of adapting to a rocky climate future. Ideas like the one below might seem a bit out of this world and impractical today (especially with the beautiful but unrealistic architectural renderings that always come with them), but we may really adopt some of these futuristic housing and development models. We’ll see. Take a look at this one and tell us what you think.

Architect Designs ‘Ark’ – Floating Housing Project – For An Uncertain Climate Future [Photos] (via Planetsave)

Like many contemporary architects, Alexander Remizov designs structures based upon principles of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. But where he parts from many of his fellows is in his futuristic vision of a world impacted by highly…

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  • Wayne Williamson

    Interesting…I think there are already plans for large boats for the uber rich, although I don’t think they worried about actually feeding themselves;-)

    One statement has to be wrong….

    “According to Remizov, the cost of building such a structure would be comparable to building a single, energy-efficient house”

  • Others

    Only Oil men will be able to afford and live here.
    So they drill in Arctic and cause more climate change and they escape to these houses.

    And we common people suffer and die.

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