Cars Bumper Sticker - Got Gas Money, Just Say No

Published on June 16th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Got Gas Money? (Sunday Cartoon)

June 16th, 2013 by  

Below is a fun EV/oil cartoon that EV leader Don Christian created and sent to me awhile back. I was saving it to stick it into an article, but then I kept forgetting to do so… so I just decided that it made for a good Sunday cartoon. 😀

Also, it’s a good follow-up to a few big stories we published this week:

  1. Electric Cars Much Cheaper Than You Think, Cheaper Than Gasmobiles (Charts)
  2. The Electric Car Battery Price Slide (Chart)
  3. Cost Of Fueling With Electricity Is 3 Times Cheaper! (Or Even Much Better…)

Here’s the cartoon:

Bumper Sticker - Got Gas Money, Just Say No

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  • jburt56

    Yes, and no passing go or collecting $200 if you’re a guzzler!!!

  • Amber Archangel

    : D

  • Anjani Kanthi Kiran Duddukuru

    what would be the source of electricity?

    • That depends on the location and the choice of the vehicle owner.

      It can be solar if the owner goes solar, it can still be solar if it is the grid, or wind, or any of the following: natural gas, nuclear, geothermal, coal.

      Coal is being phased out, fortunately. Solar and wind are slowly taking over. 🙂

    • eject

      even if it would be petrol (or gas if you must) fired in a power station it would still be better then burning it in individual cars. This where does the electricity come from argument gets tiring. It is not the issue.

      • Anjani Kanthi Kiran Duddukuru

        Ok. This is what I wanted to know. burning petrol in a plant would be more efficient than burning it in cars.

        • Bob_Wallace

          Very little electricity is made by burning oil. Oil producing Middle East countries do to some extent, but they are installing renewables. Islands and island nations do, but they are installing renewables.

          Oil is simply a very expensive way to generate electricity.

          My guess is that most EV charging will be done with wind generated electricity. Most EVs will get parked for long periods at night. In general electricity demand is low at night which frees up supply. The wind blows at night, the Sun doesn’t shine. We can install a lot of wind turbines, use their power to charge our EVs at night and their power to give us electricity during the day for our “awake” activities.

    • Others

      Only 5% of the World’s electricity comes from Oil. In 1970 the share of Oil was 25%. Gradually the utilities have switched over to other sources as the cost of oil increased. Now even the Oil exporting countries like Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are moving away from Oil.

      The oil they save they will export and make money. Its good for both exporters and importers as more Oil is available for Transport.

      Similarly oil consumption is heating and petrochemicals is also reduced.
      In the future, all the Oil will be used only for Transport.

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