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Cleantech News 27 Solar, Wind, EV, Bike, Nuclear, Climate Stories Not To Miss

Published on March 22nd, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


27 Solar, Wind, EV, Bike, Nuclear, Climate Stories Not To Miss

I couldn’t handle seeing my face a million times in my Twitter roundup, so I’m back to doing normal roundups again. Here are some more posts from around the interwebs that I think are worth either a glance or a full read:

Solar & Wind

  1. Innovative PV & CSP Projects Have Funding Boost Opportunity
  2. Renewable Energy Sector Launches Action Alliance
  3. Upcoming Training: Installing Solar PV Systems (Spots still available!)
  4. Bipartisan Support For Distributed Clean Energy, In Iowa Of All Places
  5. Small-Scale Solar Target Set At 780MW For 2013
  6. Go Carbon Neutral (Or Better) With Pear Energy: CEO Interview Series
  7. ARENA Backs CSIRO-Developed Renewables Storage Technology
  8. Grid Cost & Renewable In Germany

Clean Transport

  1. Bike Delivery Boom Making Big Cities Better
  2. New Organization Pushing For Fully Electrified Door-To-Door Multi-Modal Surface Transport In Europe
  3. Meineke And Echo Collaborate To Offer Hybrid Conversions
  4. EU Politicians Back Narrow Loopholes In Clean Car Law
  5. EV & Peak Oil News From Mr EnergyCzar


  1. Rat May Have Caused Fukushima Blackout, Say Officials
  2. Is The UK Rolling Back Free Energy Markets?


  1. If You Thought 2012 Was Hot, Just Wait A Few Years
  2. Research Reveals Almost All Climate Science Denial Books Linked To Conservative Think Tanks
  3. Two Reasons Climate Change Is Not Like Other Environmental Problems
  4. Greenland’s Peripheral Glaciers Contributing More To Sea-Level Rise Than Previously Thought
  5. Victory At Hand For The Climate Movement?
  6. Largest German Research Center Cuts Ties To Alberta Tar Sands
  7. 10 Times More Extreme Storm Surge Events In The Near Future, Research Predicts

Other / Combined

  1. OzoneMap Delivers Real-Time Air Quality Information On Your Smart Phone
  2. Top Gear Budget Leaves Osborne In Lane Of Slow Economic Growth
  3. New Study Shows Energy-Efficient Homes Are 32% Less Risky for Lenders
  4. New Threat: States Robbing From Education To Pay For Highway Expansions
  5. GE Names 5 Low-Carbon Competition Winners In Australasia

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