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Clean Power DOE grants $12 million for record breaking solar cell efficiency

Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Solar News: SolarCity Wants You To Steal Its Contracts; Germany Reaches Out To Neighbors…

Below are some top solar power stories (other than our own) from the past week or so. Enjoy!

Note: following this post, I’m actually going to streamline this news roundup process by sharing daily Solar Energy News Roundups only in this Google Doc (rather than doing so there and on this CleanTechnica page). Also, I’m not going to share our CleanTechnica stories in that doc, so be sure to check in on CleanTechnica for the top cleantech stories of the day. :D

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  • Edward Kerr

    When talking about externalities you have underestimated the potential true costs. According to some scientists, who are looking closely at what climate change/global warming is likely to lead to, the true cost will be the extinction of mankind along with most other life on the planet. If that turns out to be accurate, how much then will be able to estimate the KWH cost of coal? How much a gallon for gasoline? If you doubt the possibility of extinction research this:
    { }

    • Zachary Shahan

      Good point. This is also a story that always comes to mind:

      • Edward Kerr


        Interesting article. It talks about the very issue that I’m concerned about. Methane has started venting in earnest from the permafrost and oceanic methane hydrates and being much more powerful a GHG than CO2 it promises to send warming exponential. The ocean phytoplankton, which are already showing signs of stress, will be gone long before the “wet bulb” temperatures are achieved. It’s just moving the timeline up more than anticipated even a few short years ago.

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