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Published on November 28th, 2012 | by Important Media Cross-Post


D*Haus Designs D*Dynamic, Origami-Inspired, Shape-Changing House

November 28th, 2012 by  

Yeah, that title could be a little confusing. But it probably also gives you a sense of the unique awesomeness that’s about to come….

D*Haus’ D*Dynamic Origami-Inspired Shape Changing House (via Green Building Elements)

Architecture in origami form is a remarkable concept which is hard to envision but D*Haus has come up with a house design that follows the very dynamics of the paper folding art. D*Haus’ transformation house, D*Dynamic, has yet to be built but the conception is likely to take hold. They have designed…

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  • Anne

    Of course these designers are oh-so disconnected from reality. These kind of houses take up a lot of land area, not available to the majority of the world population. Iow a ‘toy for the rich’ that can afford a large piece of land.

    With the world population still growing, we need solutions that take up LESS space, not more.

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