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Published on November 1st, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


BMW i4 Electric Sport Coupe Could Be At LA Auto Show

And for a preview of a preview, here are some details on the BMW i4, an electric sport coupe, from sister site Gas2:

The BMW i4 coupe could be based on the upcoming BMW i3 all-electric sedan (with optional range extender?) according to a report in French car magazine l’Automobile. The BMW i4 would use a carbon-reinforced chassis and body to offset some of the extra weight from the batteries, and I assume it will keep the rear-wheel drive setup of the i3 as well.

An all-electric BMW coupe that isn’t the fantastically-expensive i8 supercar? I can totally get down with that. Though just a rumor for now, pricing is rumored to be well above the i3’s target price tag of around $50,000. BMW has targeted a sub-8 second 0-60 mph time for the i3, so I for one assume a BMW EV sports coupe would be at least a second or two quicker.

For more of Chris DeMorro’s thoughts on this news, check out: BMW i4 Electric Sport Coupe Coming To LA Auto Show?

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  • freedomev

    ——–Just what we need, another overpriced, overweight, overteched EV!! Why can’t they bring out a lightweight, aero, cool looking EV’s that we can afford?
    —— I build ones like that if built in mass production would cost under $12k using medium tech with 100 mile range and 80 mph top speed though not both at the samet ime unless it’s like my new 2wh EV Streamliner I’m doing now.

  • Joe M. Wesson

    definitely need the range extender AND come in under the Volt’s tag of $40,000 to have any chance in the market. :)

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