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Clean Power Environmental Defense Fund Releases New Video on Clean Energy Benefits

Published on October 23rd, 2012 | by Adam Johnston


Environmental Defense Fund Releases New Video on Clean Energy Benefits

OK, so, we know that the fossil fuel industry has pumped ample money into a US presidential campaign to oppose clean energy, because this time there’s a legitimate threat to the industry.

In response, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), has just put out a new video which offers many useful talking points on why we need a strong renewable energy policy, including: job creation, battling climate change, and boosting the US economy. Here’s the video:

Clean energy support makes sense, especially considering the fact that the fossil fuel industry get 75 times more in subsidies compared to it’s clean energy counterparts, the EDF noted.

“Despite the fact that clean energy has become the ‘modern-day whipping boy,’ it is indeed alive and thriving. The clean energy sector now creates more jobs than the fossil fuel industry and, just last year, grew nearly twice as fast as the overall economy,” said vice president of EDF’s Energy Program Jim Marston.

Be sure to watch the video to find out what the EDF has to say on clean energy.

For more, you can also go to the EDF’s Energy innovation Series.

Source: Environmental Defense Fund

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