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Published on July 5th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Bloomberg: Chesapeake Energy Paid Less than 1% Tax Rate on $5.5 Billion in Profits (WTH?)

Here’s a stunner that apparently dwarfs most other corporate tax robbery stunners: natural gas and fracking giant Chesapeake Energy is getting away with a huge cut in its tax rate based on a rather out-of-date 1916 tax law for oil and gas companies. Full story via DeSmog Blog:

Desmog Video
Bloomberg Stunner: How Chesapeake Energy Paid Less Than a 1% Tax Rate On $5.5 Billion in Profits
(via Desmogblog)

Chesapeake Energy, a company that is no stranger to financial scandals, has found itself on the front page of the financial papers again. This time, the subject is taxes. Or how Chesapeake barely pays them.   Over its 23-year history, Chesapeake Energy, the second largest producer of natural gas in…

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