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Published on May 13th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Now Your Shoes Can Charge Your Phone


24-year-old Anthony Mutua has created a device that turns your sneakers into cell phone chargers. The invention is being presented at Kenyan Science Technology and Innovation Week in Nairobi this week.

“The shoe apparently has a very thin ‘crystal chip,’ perhaps a piezoelectric device, that generates power when the sole bends. It can charge phones via a long cable to a pocket while the user walks, or store power for later charging,” Tim Hornyak of cnet writes.

“This charger works using pressure, as you walk you generate pressure that in turn generates energy, once you have arrived where you were going you can now sit down and charge your mobile phone,” Mutua told CNC World.

Apparently, the device can be transferred from one shoe to another and works in ‘everything’ except bathroom slippers. And it can reportedly charge several phones (or similar devices) at once.

The device has been patented and could enter mass market shortly.

The current estimate is that it would cost an equivalent of $46 and come with a 2.5-year warranty.

Image via Android Authority

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