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Published on April 13th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


Looking for Help Crowdfunding an Eco or Social Enterprise?

We promote cool projects looking for crowdfunding support from time to time here on CleanTechnica. But I’m sure there are many more out there that I never even see. Sister site Ecopreneurist is looking to give such projects a boost and has specific details on how to get its support. I’m happy to do the same here for projects related to our focus. Check out Ecopreneurist’s post below and if you ever pitch it a project, feel free to drop us a note with the same information as well (but just via our contact form linked at the top of our website).

Before sharing that Ecopreneurist post, though, I’ll just note the first project Ecopreneurist is helping out. It’s not on one of our normal topics but it’s on a project well worth our support. It’s an opensource permaculture project. Click the link for more info.

Now, here’s the original Ecopreneurist post on its crowdfunding support series (I’ll be looking to repost crowdfunding projects related to cleantech, but if you’d like to keep up to date with all the projects Ecopreneurist features, be sure to start following that site):

NEW Series: Crowdfunding For A Social or Eco Enterprise? Feature Your Project Here (via Ecopreneurist)

Got a cool eco or social project you want crowdfunded? We can give you a leg up and feature your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project story here for some extra love. So go ahead and send us that email. But first, some instructions! The Hows: Send the editor (me) an email at email.ecopreneurist@importantmedia…

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  • Dr. Letitia Wright

    This is a great way for people to get an extra boost. I will share this on my blog with links so that people with Eco projects can know they have a place to promote!

    Dr. Letitia Wright
    Host of Wright Place TV Show and Crowd Funding Expert

    • Zachary Shahan

      Thanks :D

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