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Biofuels night-refinery

Published on April 13th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


East Coast May Get Hit with Gas Shortage, Higher Prices

April 13th, 2012 by  

Reportedly, there’s a possibility the U.S. East Coast may suffer some considerable gas shortages in coming months, which of course would lead to higher gas prices. Here’s more from sister site Gas2:

East Coast To Suffer Gas Shortage, Higher Prices? (via Gas 2.0)

Without a doubt, the cost of gasoline has been going up across the country, and indeed, much of the developed world. Some areas are suffering worse than others though, and a conflux of coincidences may mean that the East Coast will soon suffer a gasoline shortage that could lead to a severe gas price…

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  • Tech

    I am amazed by people who think all the problems will be solved if we can just get the price high enough. How on earth will adding 30% to someone’s cost of living allow them to buy a newer car or install solar panels on their house? If they could afford either of these they would have them now. If you REALLY want a green alternative for vehicles, why not the ‘air powered’ autos? The ONLY reason we don’t have a green economy is that the politicians know they can’t rip enough of our money from our pockets by doing so. When the feds get tax money for each and every gallon of fuel, how fast are they going to move on better fuel economy or non-fossil based fuels? BOTH parties benefit greatly from the oil companies putting money into their coffers. There are already many many solutions that are buried by our bureaucratic system. Innovations which have led to autos getting tremendous mileage. Such as a Prius that got 107mph or a 1996 Saturn V6 that got 54mph. Each of these vehicles was outfitted with less than $1000. worth of mods. The plans were given to the auto makers as as you can see, nothing was done. Wake up people. GO GREEN!!! RECYCLE WASHINGTON!!! All of them!

  • Sacramento Solar Power

    Yet another reason to push for renewable energy sources and stop trying to only make gas and oil work for all our energy needs. Thinking outside the box can save money, create new jobs, and help the environment.

  • Ross

    I’m just amazed to hear there are Americans with 4-cylinder cars below 100 horses.

    • Obin

      Why I love love love my Chevy VOLT!!

      • Zachary Shahan


        Let us know if you’d like to write an owner review on it for our readers! :D

  • Captivation

    Its about time. Gas prices have far too low for far too long. If prices had been higher 30 years ago, Reagan would never have torn the solar panels off the White House. And we would have a completely renewable energy economy by now.

  • Mark Thomas

    You want to try filling up your car in the UK. Then moan about high prices!

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