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Published on March 23rd, 2012 | by Adam Johnston


Arab Cellular Companies Look to Advance Clean Technology in the Middle East

A new report from an advisory group in the Middle East suggests renewable energy generation linked to cell phone tower companies is expected to increase over the next few years in the region.

According to the Arab Advisors Group, a quarter of cellular operators are expected to provide 590 renewable energy and hybrid generators between 2012 and 2013. The hybrid generator systems are genset/battery hybrids – cleaner than generators alone because they reduce fuel consumption and emissions, but without a source of renewable energy. Meanwhile, the generator set market for regular cellular operators is pegged at $107.6 million, while photovoltaic systems is at $143.9 million.

“The Middle East is best known for its oil, but the region has a tremendous natural resource in the form of solar energy. Cellular operators in the region are waking up to this potential and are in the midst of a large scale-up of photovoltaic system deployments,” said senior consultant Rebecca Mayer of Arab Advisors Group in a press release.

Photovoltaic systems are, by far, the most widely accepted renewable energy technology by Arab cellular operators,” Ms. Mayer added, “compared to small wind turbines, fuel cells, or alternative fuels.”

The Arab Advisors Group completed the survey between July and November, 2011. The survey included responses from various countries within the Arab world, including: Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Morocco, Lebanon, Sudan, Palestine, Kuwait, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. The poll represented about 87 million cellular subscribers and 13 of the 52 operators within the Arab region.

Image: cell tower & solar panels courtesy shutterstock

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