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Clean Power blue creek wind farm

Published on March 6th, 2012 | by Zachary Shahan


304-MW Blue Creek Wind Farm Completed


If you’re not familiar with energy metrics, 304 MW is huge (the largest solar energy plant in the world is 354 MW, and the second-largest is 150 MW). So, news that Iberdrola has just finished construction of a 304-MW wind farm in Ohio is,.. well,.. big!

Here are some details on the project:

  • it includes 152 Gamesa G90 (2-MW) turbines;
  • Blue Creek is situated in 6 townships in Van Wert and Paulding Counties;
  • 20 people will have permanent jobs maintaining and operating the wind farm, while 500 local construction workers were employed full-time at the height of construction;
  • FirstEnergy Solutions, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., has signed a power purchase agreement for 100 MW of the power production of the wind farm over the course of 20 years.

Source: Iberdrola | Blue Creek Wind Farm Image: Iberdrola on flickr

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  • Bill_Woods

    It is an odd, and ambiguous, statement.

    Is FirstEnergy purchasing
    A) all the power, which they’re estimating to be about 880 GW-h per year — i.e. an average power of about 100 MW?
    B) a third of the power?
    C) all the power, up to a maximum of 100 MW?

    Google didn’t find mention of any other PPAs, so it’s probably (A).

  • johnh

    Would you please explain what you mean by the statement that 100MW have been purchased. Electricity is purchased as kWh or Mega-Wh. How much power is the project supposed to generate over the 20 years?

    • Zachary Shahan

      from the Iberdrola page: ” In February 2011, IBERDROLA signed a power purchase agreement with the US firm FirstEnergy Solutions, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., for 100 MWs of the total output of the project over the next 20 years. “

    • Thomas Stacy

      Iberdrola show 204.5 MW X capacity factor of sold energy to Ohio State University, First Energy and AEP, leaving 99.5 MW X capacity factor available to sell into energy markets, according to Iberdrola’s fact sheet here:

      • Zachary Shahan


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