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Fossil Fuels oklahoma earthquakes fracking

Published on November 7th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


Earthquakes & Fracking

November 7th, 2011 by  

We’ve gotten a lot of views in the past day or so on some of our natural gas fracking articles due to the large earthquake in Oklahoma this weekend. I just wrote a rather thorough piece on the link between earthquakes and fracking over on Planetsave, where we cover energy problems like this a little more. If you’re interested in fracking & earthquakes, or earthquake fracking, here’s the full piece:

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  • Techno

    At last they are conecting the dots, the big ass tsunamies had to be the result of those millions of oil extracted from the grownd, and replaced by………nothing, so eventually the ground had to give way to them, the Lord made the oil to keep the earth whole, as a unit, man decided to extract the oil for profit, althow Dr Nicola Tesla tried to provide us with free from the earth electricity, for the whole world, and just because they could not think of ‘charging us a monthly flat fee’ we are here.

    • Anonymous

      Strange claim. Strange, strange claim….

  • Anonymous

    One interesting point for the Oklahoma quakes. The last two “epicenters” were in Lincoln county. There are several Hunton dewatering well systems in the immediate area..Not pumping fluid into the reservoir but, pumping large volumes of water out of the rock at approximately one mile from the surface.

    • Anonymous


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