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Bicycles car sharing savings chicago

Published on August 25th, 2011 | by Zachary Shahan


I-GO Car Sharing (+ Top Transportation Stories)

August 25th, 2011 by  

Here’s a full re-share of a post by sister site sustainablog on I-Go car sharing — great car-sharing program in Chicago. Afterwards is my weekly top transportation stories roundup.


  1. Hertz to offer BYD electric cars for rental in China
  2. Britain Launches World’s First National EV Charging Network
  3. Greenpeace Competition to Design Next VW Film
  4. Coda teams with Great Wall Motors to develop electric vehicles for global distribution
  5. Electric Cars Plugged In Overnight Could Get Most Of Their Electricity From Wind
  6. How the global traffic jam just got worse
  7. KTM Preps Electric Renault Twizy Rival for Geneva Show
  8. Faster and Smarter? 3rd Generation Smart ED Revealed
  9. Audi plug-in hybrid rumored to be coming in 2014
  10. EV Profiler ends guesswork for plug-in car shoppers
  11. Nissan Leafs to help National Grid upgrade London’s energy networks
  12. Anti-Ignore the Bull App


  1. Eight-Wheels All-Electric Bus Tested in Japan, Not Ready for Public Roads…Yet
  2. TOD Booms in California
  3. What’s Troubling Megabus Haters?
  4. Massive Bus Rapid Transit System Proposed for Chicago
  5. FTA policy makes it easier to walk and bike to transit
  6. Momentum Builds Behind Kansas City Streetcar


  1. Mag-Lev Project Meets Approval in Japan
  2. Analysis: German rail to run on sun, wind to keep clients happy
  3. High-Speed Rail Outlined For Australia


  1. Economic Growth: Another Benefit of Bicycling
  2. Bicycling: The Present, and the Future (infographic)
  3. Copenhagen: A city of SUV cyclists
  4. Traffic Fines to Fund Biking Programs in Brazil
  5. New York’s Transportation Guru
  6. FTA policy makes it easier to walk and bike to transit

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